Crankshaft’s Last Stand – Friday, December 28th

Based on our unofficial tally roughly 67% of our motor-minded friends seem to enjoy the music of Crankshaft, and given his last show is slated for tomorrow we thought 2/3 of you would like to know. If you like rock, roots and deep blues on a Friday night head on over to the Hook and Ladder Theater to check it out.

Drone Racing Flight School at the Works Museum – Saturday, December 29th

Catch a live drone race every hour on the hour between the hours of 11am, 12pm, 1pm, and 2pm. After you catch a race try your hand at racing a drone yourself with a lesson from one of the pros onhand. Learn to drone in a nice, controlled environment to learn to drone, opposed to Ben to took a crash course (literally) when he tried to fly one in his office.


RS Motors “JUST Drive” Winter Autocross – Saturday, December 29th

The only thing we like better than drifting on a freshly snow covered road is doing so in a controlled environment. You know, one where there aren’t curbs hidden below the fresh snow. Bonus points when there’s an autocross course built around the fresh snow. The RS Motors “JUST Drive” Winter Autocross provides this exact venue. Check it out.


ProKart Indoors Year-End Mini-Enduro – Monday, December 31st

To celebrate an awesome 2018 ProKart Indoors in Maple Grove is hosting a year-end mini-enduro. What better way for a motorhead to wrap up a great year than hopping in a kart for some wheel to wheel fun. The only downside we can think of is the realization of your holiday weight gain when trying to squeeze into the form fitting seat.


71st Annual New Year’s Day I-Cycle Derby – Tuesday, January 1st


Next Tuesday marks the 71st running of the New Year’s Day I-Cycle Derby, an event that brings local motorcyclists together for a frigid frolic around the Twin Cities. Consider it a Polar Plunge, but for motorcycle lovers.