Currently, we’ve got a lot of stuff in the works. We always say that most people don’t own one classic car because it’s a little bit too much work. Well, we have 34 and it’s definitely a lot of work, so we wanted to give you an insiders look! We wanted to break down what we’re working on, what’s going up for sale soon and already for sale, and what you think we should do next!

Cars for sale:

Wagoneer – A perfect vehicle for the cabin weekends. Load it up with the family and all your gear, then enjoy a long weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Everywhere you go someone has a story about a Wagoneer and you can share in on the memories with this sweet ride!

Cobra – What’s blue, loud, and goes fast in a straight line? Our Factory Five Cobra of course. A great weekend warrior, the Shelby Cobra replica makes all the right sounds and looks darn good while doing it. So if you want to check this bad boy out for yourself and get some more information, certainly give us a call.

Rancher0 – Business in the front, a party in the back. The Ford Ranchero is an unsung hero of our collection. Maybe one of the fastest “muscle” cars that we have, the Ranchero is a beast. Its dual exhaust makes an all-powerful and angry noise, which it’s actually usable for everyday summer tasks.

Alfa – Who doesn’t love a nice, sporty, Italian sports car? It’s got that look, plus its got a price tag that won’t destroy the wallet. This is a fun loving little car that’s perfect for cruising the lakes or heading out for a dinner on the town.


Cars we’re working on:

Thunderbird – The Ford Thunderbird is a great looking car that runs and drives excellent. The problem with these vehicles is finding the parts. The Thunderbirds in 64,65, and 66 all have completely different parts and platforms so it’s almost impossible to find the correct parts. We’ve got this bird at a top repair shop now, and once that’s sorted we hope to see it in our “for sale” section to go to a new home. Kona the dog really misses this car so we hope to see it soon!

BMW 2002tii – So close, yet so far. After nearly 2.5 years of trying to get this little BMW on the road, we’re nearly there. After buttoning up the engine, changing the suspension and transmission (5-speed swap), we had some transmission issues that set us back. Then once we got it on the road, the rear brakes froze up! It will hopefully be road ready before the end of our season, and we’ll be sure to update you all as soon as it’s ready to go.

Lincoln Continental & Porsche Speedster – Unfortunately these are at the body shop getting a few cosmetic repairs done due to incidents. If you had seen these on the website previously, we’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re trying to get them back soon.  So, as we don’t have timetables on these, we can only hope to get them running before next season and enjoy them once again!

F-250 Highboy (guilty by association) – When this vehicle showed up at our doors as a restoration project we just couldn’t say no. So with the engine and interior parts all slowly coming together, we hope to get this vehicle back on the road soon. Most likely it will live at our Minnetonka Ford location since we already have our 1977 Ford F-150, but it’s a sweet looking truck that commands respect!


So let us know what you’re currently working on, and what you think we should be working on next?