We’ve decided to part with a few of our vehicles, but it’s not with a heavy heart that we are doing so. You come to love, enjoy, and respect each one of these classic vehicles differently. Then you decide that you have entirely too many, and something has got to go. We’re beginning that trend with our 1966 Ford Thunderbird, which will be heading to auction next week at the first-ever Mecum Auction in Phoenix | Glendale, AZ. You can follow along with us as we spend next week checking out the auction and running our Thunderbird on Thursday evenings.

The Thunderbird Auction Listing Can Be Seen Here.

It takes a lot of time and money to keep each one of these cars running, and currently having 30 vehicles in a fleet is simply too many. So something had to give, and the Thunderbird ended up on the chopping block – pending it sells at auction with the reserve that we set. It’s quite a bit of paperwork, photo-taking, cleaning, shipping, and overall preparation to get a car to Arizona for an auction. We’ve got everything squared away on our end so now it’s simply about hopping a flight to AZ and getting ready for the big show. This first time Mecum auction is in Glendale at State Farm Stadium, and they have brought out an astounding 1,200 cars for auction!

There’s a little bit of everything and we hope when our Thunderbird crosses the auction block on Thursday (around 6:15 pm) we find a happy new buyer to enjoy this vehicle as we have. With the top down, breeze in your hair and three of your best friends along with you, this Thunderbird is pure joy. So follow along on our Instagram page as we head to auction next week!