In the ’70s trucks were a lot simpler than they are not. Though they didn’t have much ability to tow, they hauled and transported just fine. Introduced in 1974, the Mazda Rotary Pickup became the first only rotary-powered pickup.

The truck had 110hp and only weighed 2,800lbs. Due to such a light curb weight and a 1.3L engine that red-lined at 7,000 rpm, the Mazda REPU was able to run 0-60mph in just 8.9 seconds – that’s pretty incredible for having only 110hp! The most specked out REPUs sold for only about $6,050 but sales numbers were disappointing due to its fuel economy of just 10mpg.

Other differences between the Mazda REPUs and there B Series, their family of 1960s pickups, were that its bed is just 6×5, its tracks were 6in wider in the front and 5in wider in the back, it had a new grille design, an air intake under the bumper, upgraded interior, a greater fuel capacity, and standard-package front disc brakes.

Now we’re not saying our Mazda REPU is going to smoke an average pickup of it’s time or that it’ll save you gas money, but one thing’s for sure, it’s a blast to drive. We like to call it the Mini Horse; it neighs and barks like a teenager-installed aftermarket exhausted. Not to mention, it shoots fire balls. Don’t believe me? Rent our little blue Mazda REPU and see for yourself!