The C3 Corvette was produced from ’68-’82. Morrie’s Heritage’s Corvette is a 1971, middle-model of the C3. The engine and chassis were the same as the previous generation, but the C3 got brand new interior and exterior aesthetics. Though the C3 model was titled the Stingray, the name was retired after the ’76 year until it returned in 2014.



Differing from the previous gen, the concealed headlights moved using a vacuum operated system rather than electrics. The door handles were now flush to the door, the front fenders got functioning vents, and side vents were discontinued. For the first time in Corvette-history, the ’71 model C3 had air conditioning as an option and 53% of purchases chose it.

Another change to the C3 was the relocation of the battery. It moved from the engine area to behind the seats for better weight distribution.  The base engine for the ’71 Vette was a 5.7L small block V8 which generated 270hp. Only in ’71 the LS6 was offered as well, which generated a terrifying 425hp and could be ordered in manual or automatic transmission. I’ll take one in every color, please!