6 11, 2018

SEMA 2018 – An Overview of All Things Good

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If you’re familiar with the aftermarket world of the automotive industry, you know that SEMA is basically the Mecca for anything and everything automotive. From a basic wheel and tire swap to a full frame off 10-year restoration project, you can find just about anything you ever needed to see (or didn’t need) at the SEMA show. So SEMA is the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association which is fancy speak for, “just cool stuff everywhere” and this was our third year heading to the show to explore. So roll along here with us as we take you on the tour of the show! […]

5 11, 2018

Road Trip Role Reversal with a 1980’s Porsche 911

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Imagine yourself crammed into the backseat of a 1980’s era Porsche 911 exploring the Midwest on family road trips for hours on end. Sounds comfy, right? Well, that’s how I spent many a summer when I was growing up. Mom and Dad would enjoy the relatively expansive front seats while my awkward teenage body was crammed like a sardine in the back seat. For hundreds and hundreds of miles. First world problem, right? Truth be told a Porsche 911 wasn’t the best road trip vehicle for a backseat passenger approaching his late-teens, but the reality is those road trips were a lot of fun. And thank god I was an only child because the way my mom packed there wasn’t room for anyone else but my pudgy self and her abundance of extra baggage in the back seat. Strangely, while I’ve had a lot of (back) seat time in Porsche 911s, I’ve never really spent any significant time behind the wheel. That is until we acquired the MHCC Porsche 911. The car is one of our most popular rentals and whenever it’s not booked I look for any excuse I can find to drive it. The perfect opportunity arose two weekends ago. […]

22 10, 2018

Weekly Feature – Cadillac DeVille

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When I think classic luxury the immediate picture that pops into my head is an overload of chrome, dramatic wings, and a boat-length body – You guessed it, I award the prize for the most iconic classic-luxury vehicle goes to the Cadillac de Ville. In 1959, Cadillac won the Motor Trend of the Year award for their innovation of the overhead valve V8 engine, the engine used in the prototype Cadillac de Ville. Read on for more classic-car history! […]

8 10, 2018

What’s Going On – Week of 10/8

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Cadillac XT4 Launch Event – Wednesday, October 10th “Meet the first-ever 2019 Cadillac XT4 Crossover at our exclusive launch event! Enjoy dinner and drinks as you get to know this brand-new addition to Cadillac’s lineup. You can also meet our friendly team, go for a test drive, and take a tour of our service department. Attendees will receive $200 toward Genuine Cadillac Accessories with the purchase or lease of any new Cadillac during the month of October!” […]

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