This past Summer we had a customer rent a vehicle for a photo shoot involving a band. That band happened to be Train who is still touring, and they appear to be pretty big automotive and transportation fans. So let me elaborate on this and we’ll take a look at some of Trains best album and tour cover photos!

 Ok, to start the band call themselves Train which is a mode of transportation obviously. They’ve had about 4+ different album covers with cars, and then a tour flyer with a boat on it! Not to mention a love affair with old big classic Cadillac’s! They’ve been interviewed in classic Caddy’s and we can’t appreciate this enough. So take a look below at some of the best automotive stuff the band Train has done!

So it would be hard to say that we’re not fans of the band and we hope to catch them the next time they come to town. We might even hook them up with our ’67 Cadillac to cruise to their next show in style!

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