Our Top Five Favorite Super Bowl Car Commercials

Who doesn’t want to watch the Super Bowl, if only for just the commercials alone. There’s no doubt that the game is always a spectacle, but really we just want to see the car commercials. So we chose our top five ads from all time for you before the big game this weekend. Grab some buffalo chicken dip and get ready for Super Bowl Sunday with our quick rundown of our top five auto ads of all time!

Our number five choice was a bit of a tricky one. The ad caught a bit of flack for it’s overall message, but the last twenty seconds of pure Maserati engine noise are hard to argue with. Watch it for yourself if you don’t remember this one and try not to feel the goosebumps from the most dramatic choice on our list.


The “first date” is our comedy choice, and for good reason. Kevin Hart is one of the funniest comedians out right now, and using the new Genesis sedan to track his daughter is a great selling point in this quick commercial. So laugh along with us on this, our number 4 pick for best automotive Super Bowl ads.


When this one dropped most people watching the Super Bowl probably didn’t even know what a Ford GT was, let alone how awesome this new one would be. “The Pace Car for an Entire Company” was a pretty strong message back in 2004, but it seemed like the Ford GT held its own. We hope they sneak in a new Ford GT commercial for this year, but since they all sold out immediately to wait listed customers we’ll just have to settle for something else from Ford. Surprise us Ford!


How could we not throw a classic in the mix. Not only a classic, but a car commercial that is also a Budweiser commercial! Nothing like beers and race cars to get the general public in a tissy now a days, but back then it was a no holds barred setup for mixing it all together. Any classic race fan would tell you that Paul Newman was one of the best, so we had to add him into our top five!


This is it. Our numero uno. It’s not a super high budget, blockbuster like commercial, but it’s got all the feels. A little kid who just wants to use the dark side of the force to move things with his mind. Who hasn’t at some time or another tried to force push a pencil across their desk? We think Volkswagen hit this out of the park (as they usually do) when they released this new Passat ad in 2012, and it still holds up today. So watch our favorite automotive commercial, and drop a comment below if you think you’ve got a better pick!


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