I have always been interested in motorcycles but with my first love being automobiles, two wheels have always taken a back seat (see what I did there). I did come close to buying a Yamaha R6 about 12 years ago, but decided that wasn’t the best “starter” bike. I hadn’t really thought about buying a motorcycle since—until I was at The Hawk with Brian Redman this summer. I was taking pictures of Honda motorcycles to taunt my coworker Adam, who loves all things on two wheels, especially Hondas. I took a picture of a little sport bike not really knowing what it was, and Adam’s text back was, “steal it”. I thought it was neat, a little sport bike with a 125cc engine that would be perfect as a pit bike for race weekends. I didn’t really think about it again until I was Circuit of the Americas for a World Racing League race over Valentine’s day weekend, and that’s where my love affair with Groms officially began. Who would have thought I would come home to start the search for a two-wheeled girlfriend.


Once I got back to town, I may have started talking about how much I want one and my coworkers have shown enthusiastic (to say the least) support of the idea. Ben and I even made a run to look at them one day after work. “That was a mistake,” were the first words out of my mouth when I sat on it. The urge to buy right then and there almost overpowered me, but the salesperson was a bit of a old school in the customer service department. Not to sound too cheesy, but watching the way we treat customers really spoils you for the cold cruel world of shopping. We left and I started pondering the age-old question: To Grom or not to Grom? I had to consider a few things first.

Can I pay for it? Yeah, I can make that happen.

How am I going to transport it? Well, I know where I can borrow some sort of truck.

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But do I need another gasoline-powered something in my life, especially when I have 33 Heritage vehicles to care for on top of my own personal car; plus all my friends’ cars that I help maintain along with a race car that also takes up a fair amount of time and money? Well of course those are all very good reasons—but I really want one.

So what are the practical reasons to get one? Well, once I go home for the day, I don’t really need to go more than a couple of miles past my house. Most the of my errands, friends, and family are within 5 – 10 miles of me. Driving my car is a bit wasteful and more of a production then it is worth, which works out because Groms aren’t really suited for highway speeds anyway. They also get excellent gas mileage (80-100 mpg), which is much better than my daily driver. There are stylish aftermarket cargo racks for the back, so I could actually go shopping and be able to haul stuff home—even a Costco trip for single guy like me would be possible. And last but not least, it would be great for my parents’ cabin (I found a carrier it would fit in perfectly to get up there). With its relatively small size and all the controls of a larger motorcycle, it would be a great starter bike. However, that’s a slippery slope; do I want to risk ending up like Adam, balancing multiple girlfriends?  

We will see.