We decided that it was time to sell a few of our vehicles from our fleet. We sent the Thunderbird to Mecum in Phoenix over the winter where we, unfortunately, didn’t have the best luck. That didn’t stop us from trying again, and this time we wanted to double down with our ’65 Lincoln and ’66 Corvair. We had the cars shipped and thought maybe we’d just fly down. Then we realized that it would be way more fun to drive and packed up our 1987 Porsche 911 and planned a fun route to Denver. This is a story about our drive, so if you want to read about the auction results, you can click here!

So we didn’t want to drive straight to Denver from Minneapolis, we wanted to take in some of the countrysides and enjoy the open road. So we knew the best thing to do would be to relive our 1977 Mazda REPU “Thunderhill or Bust” and cover some of that same route again. So I called Josh again to be my co-pilot and he found an awesome route that would take us out of Minnesota and across into the Badlands which was perfect for our 90+ degree day (that’s a lie, it was way too hot).

We entered the Badlands National Park in South Dakota which was incredible. I hadn’t been since I was about 10 years old, and Josh hadn’t been in a long time either. So it was basically some new sights to see! The roads that wind and curve through the park are amazing. We had to stop a couple of times to really take it all in!

From there we had to stop through Wall Drug (which was all-out madness that day) and see if we couldn’t snag a couple of cool photos. Since it was so busy we didn’t have much luck with pictures but decided we’d set out for the next best thing which was Mount Rushmore. Since we had already seen the heads on our ’77 REPU road trip we didn’t actually stop. We did, however, go on the road with the crazy rock tunnels which ended up being more fun than staring at a couple of rock faces (U.S. Route 16A which was under some construction)

In order to make a long story less detail-heavy, the end of our day was spent ripping through the Custer National Forest and down towards Colorado. Custer was drop-dead gorgeous, just a perfect day to take it all in. We were losing daylight as we ended up at our hotel in downtown Denver. We spent 16.5 hours that day in the car and it felt like it was barely over 5 hours because of the excitement and the scenic route from Minneapolis. I’d highly recommend you take that route if you have the time, and even if you’re not in an ’87 911, you’re still going to have an incredible day.

So the following day we got our vehicles checked in for the Mecum auction and had some free time to explore. So on some recommendations of friends and people working at the auction, we headed for the Pike National Forest with the plans of running up Pikes Peak. Now spoiler alert – the top of the mountain had limited access so we weren’t able to drive all the way to the top, but we drove about 4/5 of the way up and it was simply stunning.

Then we hopped into a shuttle and hit the summit at 14,115 feet high! It’s pretty amazing being up that high, but you have to remember to continue to drink water and not squat to take photos too many times because (ask me how I know) you will get a bit light-headed! In the end, I’d say it was 100% worth it and a great experience.

We exited out of the Pike National Forest and jumped on highway 67 which was my favorite part of the entire drive. Following the posted speed limits at all times, we begin to just giggle like little kids. Carving back and forth through the forest and hearing the burble and backfiring from the flat-six engine was absolutely what it’s all about. I leaned over to Josh and said something along the lines of, “I get it now. I get the draw of living in this overpriced city because this is incredible!” Then we hit a gravel road…

Now, this isn’t something we allow in our cars, but then again this entire trip isn’t something allowed in our cars, so we decided to break bend some of the rules. It was already too much driving and we didn’t want to get lost in the mountains without cell service so we carried on. There wasn’t that much gravel to be driven on, and we took it nice and slow so, no damage was done, but in the end, the photos turned out amazing!

After the gravel, we started back to Denver to get ready for the auction the following day which left another surprise that we weren’t quite ready for exactly. If you want to read that story, you’ll have to head over to that blog which can be found here “Mecum Auction Blog“. After the auction, we decided we had enough of this incredible driving and just busted it back home on Saturday to spend Sunday poolside because the AC doesn’t exactly blow that cold when it’s 95 degrees outside! Overall we had another incredible journey and there’s something to be said about this little flat-6 that could. It ran flawlessly for 2,220+ miles and was even great at 14,000 feet up in the mountains. If you haven’t experienced the ’87 911 for yourself, you can head over here and book your reservation today!