We’ve literally been waiting for over 2.5 years for the triumphant return of our favorite little green monster. Unwillingly named that after the headache of parts, labor, and love that has gone into getting this BMW back on the road. So without further ado, we reintroduce our 1974 BMW 2002tii back to rental service.

It’s been years since we’ve been behind the wheel of this BMW and we have just got to tell you how great it is. Not only is it back–it’s better than ever. We’ve spent a good amount of time this week putting in some break-in miles on the new engine, and have fallen in love all over again. We’ve had the fuel injection system completely rebuilt by a company in Chicago that is only one of a few in the world that still works on the Kugelfischer fuel injection systems. Not only did we have to wait for that, but we also had the engine completely torn down and rebuilt at Further Performance in Minneapolis. Going above and beyond even that, we swapped out the original 4-speed with a fresh 5-speed transmission. Oh, and did we mention we overhauled the suspension to sit lower and added new Bilsteins all around to improve the ride?

It’s quite the little machine now, with that stock appearance on the outside, but underneath it’s all like new. The ride and drive qualities aren’t harsh like the typical experience in a lowered German car – it’s a soft and plush ride with an underlying sense of cornering confidence. With all the upgrades it’s a phenomenal package that looks the part and delivers on what is most important, the fun scale. The interior has been in wonderful shape since we bought the vehicle, and the only thing missing now is a 5-speed gear knob!

We’re just putting on some final touches and we’ll have this 2002tii back on the road and ready for the beginning of next month. So check out our booking calendar in September to take your chance to get behind the wheel and have some fun!

A couple of German buddies