Recently, the MHCC team spent some time at Road America for a race weekend to most, simply known as “The Hawk.” It’s a vintage road race that I’ve personally attended almost 25 years in a row now, and I can still say that it’s one I look forward to each year. As more and more vintage vehicles seem to fade into private collections, there’s still a large number of unique and amazing racecars to see – so check out our photo recap of the weekend, from the racing action, to the street car concours, and much more!

Downtown Elkhart Lake, WI is a beautiful place filled with all the sights you’d expect from small-town Wisconsin. The local ice cream shop, Gesserts will not disappoint even the sweetest tooth’s cravings and there’s a plethora of family-owned bars and restaurants whose burgers far surpass any chain restaurant’s. Not to mention, the small-town-charm hellos and waves makes for a welcoming and special visit. In my opinion, the sights and sounds of the classic race and exotic street cars filling the downtown area is worth the trip alone. It’s so much fun to see everyone’s faces light up when new and old Zagato-bodied Aston Martins are brushing shoulders with the Porsche 918. There is something for everyone, and that’s just the concours events!

Back at the track is where the fun really happens. Watching all the groups taking to the over 4-mile course is a sensory overload if you’ve never been. From the legendary ground-pounding classic trans-am series cars, to the wild and insane Formula 1 vintage class, it’s just too much fun! Sitting down in “Canada Corner” waiting for an ex-Formula 1 car to come screaming down the back straight is absolute insanity. The sounds of the engines bouncing off the trees in the woods is pure magic. That’s why I find myself making the trek back across Wisconsin year after year to see some classic road racing during “The Hawk” at Road America. Enjoy some photos through the eyes of my race weekend, from the SSZ Stradale being driven by my father, to his first place in class award winning Bocar concours win, it was quite the weekend to remember!