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The looks you get while driving one of the MHCC vehicles 99% of the time are positive responses and you can almost feel the joy on peoples faces. When we loaded a 1974 Honda CB125S into the “Mini Horse” and took off down the road you could actually see the nostalgia on peoples faces. I had bought this bike as a three bike deal at one point and sold it to my dad before I had later realized how great it was. Long story short I bought another one, built it into a mini cafe racer and sold it, so basically I wanted something to tinker with again. You can do about 45mph on this 125cc mini bike and it really makes for the perfect grocery getter or afternoon cruiser, but in this case a pit bike. The Vintage races in July at Road America are soon approaching so I told my dad I’ve give this little CB a nice tune up before we get too busy and forget about it. Only problem was I needed a way to get it from his house back to my place before I could do this. (Insert Mini Truck here)

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So we ran to the “Dojo” to pickup the mini truck and some straps before heading over to my dads place. When we got there the first thing we realized is that the chains on the pickup bed would not be bike hauler friendly so we needed to bust out a couple tools to fix that quick.

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We grabbed some ramps and quickly loaded up the bike and strapped it down really good because if you spend more than 10 seconds in the truck you’ll realized just how bouncy it can be (Can confirm this after bouncing in it across half the country). We took off hoping that it wasn’t going to bounce away and after dealing with the mess of a rolled over semi blocking the highway we arrived at my house where we could dump the little bike off.

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DSC_0277 copyBlog_ReadyI can’t wait to tear into this bike since I had so much fun last time building up the 73′ 125 and now I had pretty much everything torn apart so this should be easy this time around. Hopefully I can find some time this weekend and next week while it’s raining to really get it purring like a kitten.

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UPDATE: It fired on the 3rd kick and ran perfect. This didn’t lead to me buying another bike, but I bought another bike. Stay tuned for the writeup on the new to me 1972 CL350 Scrambler-Café…