13 12, 2016

A Tale of Two Teammates: A Driver’s Take on the 2016 25 Hours of Thunderhill

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This past weekend I made my third consecutive pilgrimage to Willows, California, for the longest automotive endurance race in North America, the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. They say the third time is the charm, but would this year be the one? This time around things were a bit different going into the race. I was no longer an apprehensive rookie going into the event, one that draws sixty some entries encompassing pro-level teams and highly credentialed drivers. With two previous trips to the 25 under my belt I had a good idea of what to expect. I knew the track and knew the car, having raced #56 the year prior and having recently rendezvoused with it a few weeks prior in Texas. The event would not be a success wtihout the hard work and dedication of every member on the Mazda/RDR team […]

11 12, 2015

MHCC Roadtrip Part 2: What day is it and where are we?

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This is Part Two of our Epic and somewhat foolish MHCC Road Trip Blog and you can find Part One Here After the race we headed to our hotel in Reno, NV – a short four-hour jaunt from Thunderhill. We were surprisingly alert despite lack of sleep and still pretty soaked from the 20 hours of rain during the race. While we could have saved a little time on the way to Reno by taking the interstate, we decided to once again take the road less traveled. We spent more time cruising some great mountain roads with more amazing views. After arriving in Reno, we immediately went to our hotel room to clean up as we hadn’t really had access to running water in 30+ hours. Refreshed, we decided to see what Reno had to offer by way of food since we hadn’t really had anything of substance since breakfast at 6 am. We found a casino with a steakhouse, but alas, the wait was over an hour so we ’settled’ for a habachi grill with all you can eat sushi. It was absolutely fantastic. Full of fish and rice, we headed back to the hotel and were asleep by 8:30. […]

9 12, 2015

MHCC Road Trip Part 1: Thunderhill or Bust!

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  Planning a road trip in theory always seems so easy – have a start point, an end point, and decide what roadside attractions you have time for along the way. Ours was a little bit different. We planned to fly to Seattle, Washington and pick up the latest addition to the MHCC rental fleet: a 1977 Mazda Rotary Pickup we purchased on a Bring a Trailer auction. You might be asking yourself, “Why drive it back? Wouldn’t it be cheaper and easier to ship it?” Absolutely–but it’ll take more than that to deter us. […]

8 12, 2015

25 Hours, 1,641 Miles and Just Over An Hour of Sleep

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  I’ve been involved in auto racing since I was a kid and look forward to every opportunity I can get behind the wheel. I’ve had a lot of great experiences, but none of them can even come close to racing at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. There’s truly something special about the race, the energy, camaraderie and effort required to cross the checkered flag at the end of the race. It’s truly a team effort and it certainly couldn’t be done without the tireless efforts Mazda, the Robert Davis Racing team and everyone else involved. Many thanks to all of them for contributing to another wonderful 25. This was my second year driving with Mazda at Thunderhill. You can read a bit about my first year here, otherwise I’ll give you a quick overview of the event before jumping specifically into my experience the second time around. Long story short, the 25 Hours of Thunderhill is the longest endurance race in the United States spanning two rotations around the clock plus one hour. It serves as the last big racing hurrah of the season and for this reason it draws a big crowd. While amateur in nature, the event regularly draws a number of professional teams that compete in endurance series, touring car series and elsewhere. This year alone over 25 professional drivers participated in the race that began at 11am on Saturday and ended on noon on Sunday. While 70 odd cars started the race, many didn’t make [...]

2 12, 2015

Racing Twice Around the Clock in Mazda’s new MX5 Global Cup Car

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  This weekend I’m making the trip to Willows, California, for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. There I’ll be amongst the first to pilot Mazda’s all new Global MX5 Cup Car in the crown jewel of American Club Racing. If you’ve never heard of the 25 hours of Thunderhill my blog recap from racing there last year is a good primer. If you’re more of a video person check out this MavTV special covering the race last year. In a nutshell, the race is America’s longest endurance race and it brings out a truly impressive roster of cars and drivers. What was once an amateur endurance event has turned into an end of season last hurrah for a number of professional and semi-professional race teams.  This year I join a small group chosen to endurance test the first four Mazda MX-5 Global Cup Cars before being made available to the public. I’ll be posting regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram leading up to and during the race. If you're not already following MHCC on social media now is a great opportunity to do so. You can also view live streams from the race here.  And of course I’ll include a post race recap when he gets back to frigid Minnesota.   #MazdaAtThe25 #MazdaMotorsports

30 11, 2015

Epic Road Trip or Hair Brained Scheme, Why Not Both?

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We are always up for a road trip, so when we had the chance to go and pick up our newest Heritage car in Washington and drive it back instead of shipping it, we said, “Why not?” We fly out Wednesday to pick up our 1977 Mazda pickup and start the 2800-mile journey back to Minnesota. While we could just drive straight back via Interstate 90, we thought we should take the long way back and check out what this country has to offer. […]