13 11, 2017

Lap Around the Web – Nov. 13th

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While plenty of modern automotive factories feature floor to ceiling glass walls, sleek, modern designs, and cutting-edge machinery all laid out across a huge plot of land, Fiat strove to be an integrated part of Turin, Italy when they built their Lingotto plant and test track in the heart of the city in 1916. That’s right, Fiat built not only a large-scale automotive factory in the center of a bustling city but in order to also test their vehicles as they came off the assembly line, the roof was transformed into a banked oval test track. Raw materials would be delivered to the ground level and as cars underwent their assembly, they’d move higher and higher until the completed cars ended up on the rooftop test track to be driven prior to delivery. This was standard practice for more than 65 years until production ended in 1982. The building is now a mixed-used space with apartments, a piano store, art galleries, and rather fittingly, the Automotive Engineering school at Turin Polytechnic. […]

14 11, 2016

Top 10 Picks of the Weird, Wacky & Whoas at SEMA 2016

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When you go to the city of Las Vegas you have to expect to look at something that takes you more than a few seconds to interpret or even digest. It’s a city that was basically built by the mob, the hits of Frank Sinatra and Wayne Newton. Nowadays it’s just a tourist trap that brings out the inner weird of everyone. If you’ve never been to Vegas you certainly have to go around Halloween and SEMA time because the “what was that” factor was through the roof. All that being said, we’ve compiled a list of what we thought was too wacky or weird and had to grab at least one photo. Also we included the things that made us say, “Whoa” because working around cars all day can sometimes cause you to become jaded by it all, but not at SEMA. […]

7 11, 2016

MHCC in Sin City for SEMA 2016

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If you haven’t been to SEMA it’s really a difficult thing to explain to someone. It’s an aftermarket show sure, but the shear size of the event itself if absolutely mind blowing. We walked over twenty-one miles in two days and took almost a thousand photos and in total missed probably 1/5 of the show. If you spent any time at all conversing with vendors, or say just looking at each F-150 that was at the show, you could spend just short of six months to get through all of that! Well this all being said the three of us in attendance tried our best to see it all and discover what makes SEMA the event that it has become today. In it’s 50th year now, SEMA drew more than 60,000 buyers and sellers again this year with over 2,500 new parts, tools and components. The amount of aftermarket parts for the average off-road enthusiast is what really seemed to be something of a draw this year. If you own a Jeep lets say, there is a 98% chance that you have an MOPAR factory accessory on that vehicle. Insanity! Here is a look at some of the stuff we really liked about the show. […]

10 11, 2015

SEMA 2015: What we loved!

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We are back from Las Vegas and thought we should tell you about some of our favorite products and cars that we saw at SEMA. We covered 20 miles or so on foot over two days and we hope we saw it all. With so many neat products already released or coming soon, it was hard to decide what should get Best of Show—but we found two that really captured our attention. […]

6 11, 2015

SEMA: iPhone edition

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I thought we should share some more pictures, this time what we took on our cell phones. While not quite as good of quality as our camera there is still some great eye candy to be seen. Most of these photos did make it to our Instagram and Twitter feed but there are a couple that didn’t. […]

5 11, 2015

SEMA Show Day 2

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  After a short night sleep we headed back the SEMA to see what we missed and spend more time with vendors that peaked our interest from the first day. We arrived just after the show opened today and found it to be relatively quiet to start out, thanks in part to the rain, although it didn’t stay quiet for long. By the late morning it was packed making it difficult to navigate the floor and get pictures, many vendors had celebrity guests and big unveilings at their booths creating huge crowds that filled many of the halls. We even have had a celebrity sighting that we were pretty excited to see, if you are a fan of the Fast and the Furious Movies, Han from the later movie was out showing off is beautiful Datsun Z Car. We spent 9 hours on site and walked just over 12 miles!   […]

4 11, 2015

SEMA Show Day 1

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We made it Las Vegas!! After flying out Tuesday morning, we landed in Sin City around 11 am and after dropping our bags at the hotel we beelined to the Las Vegas Convention Center. After getting our credentials we hit the showfloor around noon Las Vegas time and immediately starting checking everything out. The show overall has been pretty overwhelming really, there are so many vendors and people attending the show it is almost impossible to get a good look at all of the amazing cars and products. We walked 9.82 miles on Day 1 and it was only a half day! Check out some pictures of Day 1 and check back for coverage of Day 2.     […]

31 10, 2015

Morrie’s Heritage SEMA Preview

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We are heading to SEMA next week and thought we would give you a little preview of what we are excited to see. If you have never heard of SEMA before, it is Speciality Equipment Market Association. SEMA was first held in 1967 displaying 5 modified cars including 1967 Ford GT40 and a handful of aftermarket manufacturers. The first 30 years or so the show improved but in the mid to late 90's the show really blew up and Auto Makers got involved bringer out there own modified cars. The show today takes place in late October/ early November every year hosting thousands of vendors showcases the latest and greatest and over a 100,000 people in attendance over 4 days. We fly out to Las Vegas Tuesday morning and will spend a couple of long days searching out new and innovated products that will improve our fleet to help make them more enjoyable. Also in attendance will be various manufacturers will be bring some amazing concepts out that we will be able to check out in person for our other Morrie's locations. Check out some links to preview what we are most excited to see and check back to see what we find that we didn't even know existed! We have a soft spot for the Ford family of ST's performance cars and a couple of aftermarket brands are bring out some great looking Focus ST's Nissan will be bringing out a Nissan Nismo GT-R N-Attack that should be a [...]