9 10, 2017

Lap Around the Web – Oct. 9th

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As most of you reading this might’ve noticed if you weren’t living under a rock for the last couple months, there was a rare total solar eclipse in August. While many people jumped on the bandwagon in the months or weeks leading up to the eclipse, some people (mostly astronomers or nerdy photographers) had been planning to view the event for years. Sam Bendall, for instance, had been looking forward to the eclipse for close to a decade and had been planning his ideal way of viewing the eclipse when the time came. Luckily, as the time approached, his schedule cleared to allow him to make a once in a lifetime journey from California to Oregon on his motorcycle where he enjoyed over 1500 miles of beautiful roads over the course of 4 days. His story is both interesting and awe-inspiring and will make you long for a similar opportunity. […]

20 09, 2017

Overland (Mis)Adventures: What’s Better Than Sleeping in a Van by the River?

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There are a lot of things that beat sleeping in a van by the river. For instance, sleeping in your bed, at home. Or sleeping in a bed in a hotel room. Or pretty much sleeping on a bed with 4 solid walls and a roof over your head. Just about all of that is more comfortable than sleeping in a van. But as the saying goes: “you can’t drive a house” and that was all I needed in order to find a way to turn my beloved ’99 Toyota 4Runner into an off-road capable RV. […]

3 07, 2017

Lap Around the Web – July 3rd

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It’s Independence Day week and plenty of people are either just leaving or just getting back from America’s greatest past-time: a road trip. For some people though, the best road trips don’t even involve roads. For instance, Jim Bob from Stanceworks hit the trails in Utah in his Tacoma and some buddies for an 8-day adventure in the truest sense of the word, spending most of their time far away from pavement and civilization. From the beautiful waterfalls to derelict mining sites, this is the sort of trip that any self-described adventurer should make at least once in their lifetime. Head on over to Stanceworks to read the rest of the story and check out all the amazing photos. […]

12 06, 2017

Lap Around the Web – June 12th

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I probably shared some photos from Luftgekuhlt 4 a few weeks ago, but very few people can capture the event like Speedhunter's Larry Chen. He had early access to the event space the day before the show to capture the carefully curated selection of iconic Porsches as they were being unloaded and moved around. Now Speedhunters is sharing all the beautiful photos that Larry captured, both before and during the Luftgekuhlt. If you like vintage Porsches, it's definitely worth a look. Canepa Porsche 917 Engine Restoration from Canepa on Vimeo. Speaking of air-cooled Porsches, the legends at Canepa Motorsports recently shared this awesome video of a 917 engine being torn down, restored, and rebuilt. It's so rare to see such intricate details of such an iconic and powerful car so it's amazing that Canepa took the time to document and share the process. Better yet, it's probably the very same car seen in this video with Patrick Long piloting it around Willow Springs. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Fast, sporty people movers are kind of all the rage these days, but there was a time when crazy, sportscar-blooded vans and SUVs used to take to the track and stomp on much sportier cars. Auto manufacturers built V12-powered SUVs, F1-engined minivans, and shoved supercar development engines into cargo vans. Crazy stuff like that has all been watered down into 500+ horsepower SUVs that spend most of their time in traffic or hauling kids to soccer practice, but [...]

10 04, 2017

Lap Around the Web – April 10th

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Since the weather is getting nicer and the fun cars are starting to come out of hibernation, I’m going to focus this week’s Lap Around The Web on the joy of driving. First up, Henry Catchpool, from Drive Tribe, had the once in a lifetime opportunity to drive a rare, vintage Ferrari. Not just any rare, vintage Ferrari, but a 250 Testa Rossa. And not just any 250 Testa Rossa, but the 250 Testa Rossa that won Le Mans in 1958, making it arguably one of, if not the, most valuable cars in the world. Woah. It doesn’t get much better than that. Click this link to read what it was like, and this link for a short video from behind the wheel. […]

30 03, 2017

#MorriesRoadTrip Goes Off-Road

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Currently, my newest, most reliable vehicle is an 18-year old Toyota 4Runner. Being my daily driver, it spends 95% of its time on pavement, stuck in traffic, or running boring errands. But it’s that other 5% that is responsible for me sinking thousands upon thousands of dollars into maintenance and modifications. While my 4Runner is plenty comfortable to gobble up mile after mile of highway, it’s really happy as soon as the pavement ends. Like a pig in mud, my 4Runner is happiest in… err… mud. And rocks. And climbing up and down hills. And going over logs and ruts. The less of a “road” it’s on, the better. Which is exactly why I spent a day putting my 4Runner through its paces on the Spider Lake Trails in the Foot Hills State Forest up near Pine River, MN a couple weeks back with some other Toyota enthusiasts. Plus, it was a good excuse to take a #MorriesRoadtrip! […]

14 11, 2016

Lap Around The Web – Nov. 14th

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Everyone knows about the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – it’s widely proclaimed to be one of the best car shows in the world – which takes over the Monterey peninsula in California each August. Sure, there are plenty of similar events across the country such as the Amelia Island Concours, the Meadowbrook Concours, and the Greenwich Concours, but now there’s another event on the East Coast that could turn Pebble Beach on its head. Simply known as “The Bridge”, this new gathering of rare and stunningly beautiful vehicles takes place on the former grounds of Bridgehampton Raceway, once one of the most challenging road courses in the US, that has since been turned into a golf course. The Drive did a lovely writeup and interview with the creator of the event, as well as shared some beautiful photos from the event that took place this past fall. Let’s hope it continues to grow, giving our friends on the Eastern seaboard something to be just as proud of as everyone in the Monterey Bay area. […]

31 10, 2016

Lap Around The Web – Oct 31st

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If you’ve paid attention to our blog posts, you might have picked up on the fact that Adam loves motorcycles almost as much as he loves ratty old air-cooled Porsches. While this is a far cry from the old cafe racers and dirt bikes he loves so much, this lightweight, 3D-printed, electric motorcycle called the Light Rider is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen. The skeletonized frame and components look like an actual skeleton and we love the tech that went into creating such an intricate design in aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Although it’s only capable of going about 50mph, the sub-80 pound bike would be the perfect city cruiser or pit bike. […]

11 10, 2016

Lap Around The Web – October 11th

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Road trip season is winding down but that hasn’t stopped famed hot rod builders Ringbrothers from building what is possibly the coolest and wildest Winnebago we’ve ever seen. The Wisconsin-based team spent countless hours building up this 1972 Winnebago Brave into the 900+ horsepower behemoth we see here, naming it “The Happy Camper.” Although they left the crusty and decrepit exterior in place for maximum nostalgia, they completely revamped the interior with a few coats of shiny blue-green paint and replaced all of the seats with beautiful brown leather lounge furniture. This is one road-trip hauler that won’t have you asking “are we there yet?” […]

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