9 07, 2018

Road America – The Hottest Race of the Year, Literally

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Year after year, since before I could remember, I’ve gone to Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI for the annual mid-July races. It’s had many names over the years, but now everyone simply refers to it as, “The Hawk” which you may have heard people referencing in passing. So, I’ve decided to put some reasons together as to why I think you should make your way East, to Road America for one of the best weekends of the year. […]

15 05, 2018

If a tree falls on track does anyone hear it?

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Life moves pretty slowly after returning to normal life following a race weekend. That’s a known fact when you’re involved in some manner of motorsports. I was reminded of that last week. Two weekends ago I kicked off the racing season by heading to Road America for the World Racing League CanAm Endurance Cup. The racing activity comprised of an eight-hour race on Saturday and another eight-hour race on Sunday. That’s 16 hours of wheel to wheel racing on what I consider the best race track in America. In other words, it was heaven. A racer’s dream. To top it off the weather was absolutely perfect and the car ran great. That said, the weekend wasn’t without a few hiccups. We kicked off the weekend running through tech For the race my team of amateur endurance racing veterans brought out our trusty orange steed, a 1989 BMW 325i. It’s hard to believe, but the event marked our 9th year running the car we’ve affectionately named the E30 bomber. The bomber has evolved dramatically since its inaugural event at Brainerd many years ago and has morphed into a super reliable and reasonably quick little race car. This event again proved that meticulous maintenance during the off-season makes the racing a lot more fun (because the car runs as expected) during the racing season. Sometimes, however, human error can screw it all up temporarily. Our Motley Crew of petrolheads. From right we have our crew chief Josh, Ben, Erik, [...]

19 09, 2017

In order to finish first, you must first finish – tales from the 2017 Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival

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For the second time this year, I loaded up the family into my F150 pickup and headed to Road America with trailer in tow. The destination was the Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival (ELVF), the more laid back of the vintage race weekends there. It had been three years since I last ran this event, historically one of my favorites, and heading back was a little bittersweet. During my last outing I grenaded the engine in my car. In the first session. On my birthday. Thousands upon thousands of dollars later I was back in hopes of making it a successful weekend spent on track and with family. Fortunately, a few things were working in my favor. I had a new engine in the car that had run like a champ in July at Road America. The weather appeared to be some 45 degrees warmer than the low-thirties experienced last time at the event. And better yet, the sun was expected to shine all weekend opposed to the frigid rain endured the last time around. Finally to top it off, I had a three and five year old to assist in the pits. What possibly could go wrong? Junior crew chief in training Benjie helps his dad check the tire pressure Friday was a practice day with a 30-minute morning session and a 30-minute afternoon session. Given work is extra busy right now I spent nearly every minute I was out of the car on my computer working, and as [...]

25 07, 2017

Back in the Saddle at the WeatherTech International Challenge at Road America

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Every July thousands of auto enthusiasts flock to the small village of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, for what you might consider the Midwest’s vintage motorsports mecca. The event, that draws people from far and wide, currently referred to as the WeatherTech International Challenge (WIC) with Brian Redman presented by Hawk, draws a dazzling assortment of nearly 500 race cars. . While the name has changed over the years based on the highest paying corporate sponsor, the event continues to be a showstopper. I’ve made the trip for 20 some consecutive years and will continue to do so for as long as I am able. It’s that good! After a couple agonizing years attending the event as merely a spectator, this past weekend marked my 16th visit as a participant in my 1971 Porsche 914-6. It also marked my first full race weekend back behind the wheel of this car in two and a half years. This particular event is regularly the highlight of my summer, so needless to say I was very excited. After weeks of planning and preparation I packed up my wife and kids and hit the road for Road America on Wednesday morning. As is always the case, the drive always seems longer when you’re excited to get somewhere. It doesn’t help when the five year old in the back seat repeatedly asks, “are we there yet.” I thought this was only something from the movies, but my son proved it was a practice many kids possess. We did [...]

19 09, 2016

ELVF on the Shelf – The Seasons End to Vintage Racing

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This past weekend was the ELVF (Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival) which brings race and street cars to Road America for a weekend of fun and racing. A yearly tradition for some, the ELVF this year brought wonderful weather, a host of unique Volvo’s and plenty of wheel to wheel racing. I was able to attend this event and for me its has been quite a few years since going to both the HAWK in July, and then attending the ELVF this past weekend. It’s not quite the same as far as the numbers go as the HAWK, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some exciting racing and plenty of cars to see during a lap around the pits. VSCDA (Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association) was the host for this event and as usual they did an amazing job putting on a seamless event. My dad was running his 1967 Camaro so most of my focus as usual was on the “Group 6” muscle car class, which is always a blast to watch. Sliding through turn 5 and flat out through the kink always makes for some of the best spectating of the weekend. […]

18 07, 2016

Road America: Vintage Racing & 50 Years of Can-Am

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I’ve been going to Road America for the vintage races since I was about eight years old, and it’s something that is pretty special to me. I’ve seen it all, from the famous Group 6 pileup on the front straight, to some of the worlds most exclusive vintage road racing cars and drivers that have ever been around. The 2016 WeatherTech International Challenge with Brian Redman Presented by Hawk was just another great event to add to the books. From the driver’s meeting where Brian Redman told everyone, “Blood is slippery” to the 50th anniversary of the CanAm series, everything just seemed to be right. Where else can you drive around a paddock and see the John Player Special Formula car pitted next to two Audi R8 race cars. That just doesn’t happen every day and that is what makes Road America so special. […]

6 07, 2016


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Every year in the little town of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin a massive amount of noise is made at a little place they call Road America. Not only at the track, but the excitement continues into the streets of Elkhart Lake with concourse shows taking place Friday and Saturday night downtown Elkhart. The sheer volume of people that come out and cheer during the day only feels amplified by the amount of people Friday night at the Nationwide Concours d'Elegance race car parade. Fans can arrive as early as Thursday to the track to take in the sights and sounds of some of the best vintage racing the midwest has to offer. If you're going to buy advanced tickets today is the last day, so once you get those tickets make sure to come out for qualifying on Saturday and then stay around for race day on Sunday. "A mid-summer favorite, The WeatherTech® International Challenge with Brian Redman presented by HAWK is one of the largest vintage racing events in the United States and features over 400 cars competing in several groups." The vintage racing is just one thing you can expect to see along with the celebration of the CAN-AM series 50th anniversary. Also this year will be featuring a special UOP Shadow CAN-AM tribute and Corvair reunion. The shear volume of cars old and new is what makes this event so special and something that truly shouldn't be missed.  

19 04, 2016

14 hours, 1,056 Miles and a Whole Lot of Fun

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If you’ve never spent time behind the wheel on a racetrack you’re definitely missing out. I’d argue there’s nothing more exhilarating than nailing a corner, hammering the gas and rocketing down the ensuing straight only to repeat the process again. And again. And Again. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do a lot of it this past weekend participating in the Chumpcar World Series Landjeager Cup races at Road America. If you’re unfamiliar with Chumpcar go ahead and take a minute and get up to speed by reading my previous post, So you want to get into racing – Part 1: Amateur Endurance Racing, otherwise let’s truck ahead. Josh, myself and the rest of the E30 Bombers Team (less teammate Luke) made the trip out to arguably the best racetrack in the states, Road America, for two consecutive seven-hour endurance races. It was our first event of the season and needless to say we were pretty excited. We were also anxious to try out our new VR1 tires generously provided by Maxxis. The start to a beautiful weekend at Road America […]

30 12, 2015

MHCC Greatest Hits Volume One

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Given it’s the last week of the month, we just got a solid dumping of snow here in Minnesota and warm weather driving is months away it only made sense to reflect on warmer, more auto friendly times.  So that’s exactly what we did.  This week we’ve switched gears a bit and compiled a list of our favorite automotive content from the last year. Each of the MHCC staffers that managed to make it into the office this week (not calling anyone out….Josh, Adam, Kate) picked two favorites and came up with an automotive resolution.  Whereas healthy resolutions are the norm, we know that an automotive resolution is easier and more fulfilling to accomplish.  Let’s face it, the treadmill is just so dreadfull. So without further adieu we present MHCC Greatest Hits Volume 1.     Easily one of the coolest pieces of car-related entertainment I found on the web this year was Chris Harris’ video showcasing the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, and Ferrari LaFerrari on track together, along with his friends Marino Franchitti and Tiff Needell. As car enthusiasts, it’s been the comparison test we’ve all been waiting for and something that we thought Top Gear would be able to deliver until the show was cancelled. A few other outlets even teased us with some poorly done videos comparing 1/4-mile times or cobbled together driving impressions but Chris Harris really got it right with his take. Putting all three hypercars on the same track, at the same time, with [...]

27 10, 2015

So you want to get into racing? Part 3: Club Racing

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A large field of Spec Miatas dice on track Continuing our roundup of the various inroads to racing we introduce you to club racing this week. Club racing, as the name suggests, is hinged on belonging to a particular club that focuses on a particular make, genre or category of vehicle. The racing is amateur in nature and grids consists of drivers of all ages.  It goes without saying that you need to own your own vehicle.   To better illustrate the variety I’ve included some examples below. Before getting into them I thought it would be helpful to outline what it takes to get involved with any of these race groups. Unless you plan on renting a racecar, you’ll need a car of your own to participate in wheel to wheel racing events. A lot of people like the idea of building their own car from scratch, but bear in mind this is the more costly route. Generally you can find a built racecar for 25 cents on the dollar. If you’re looking to burn up an afternoon you can find a good selection of used racecars via the links that follow: http://www.race-cars.com http://www.racinjunk.com http://www.bringatrailer.com http://www.ebay.com/sch/Race-Cars-Not-Street-Legal-/98060/i.html   In order to race the must meet a number of safety requirements including, but not limited to, having a roll bar, fire system, race seat and other safety systems. The car will have to be in good running order and pass a technical inspection. It also must fit into a particular [...]

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