29 05, 2019

Maker Spotlight: Patience Metal Fab

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We recently had the chance to meet with Brian, the part owner of Patience Metal Fabrication. After honing his skills as an automotive technician and learning fabrication along the way, he left his technician life behind to focus on fabricating parts for race cars and other custom projects. The reason for our visit is to see Ben’s Porsche 914-6 racecar as it’s undergoing some reconstructive surgery. Brian was kind enough to show us around the shop and answer a few questions in the interview below. […]

19 11, 2018

Lap Around the Web – Nov. 19th, 2018

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One of my favorite lines from any movie is when Doc Brown at the end of “Back to the Future” says “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” before his DeLorean lifts off the ground, tucks its wheels, and takes off into the sky. The thought of flying cars always seemed like a fantasy and it technically still is, but this hovercraft DeLorean is about as close as you can get. Although it didn’t start its life as a hovercraft and it can’t be driven on the road, it’s a pretty faithful replica that can drive over just about anything else from sand to sea. Best yet, it’s for sale on eBay Motors right now if you want your very own hovering DeLorean! […]

22 01, 2018

Lap Around the Web – Jan. 22, 2018

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When I first saw photos of the Liberty Walk “Miura”, I thought/hoped it was some sort of CGI trickery. Surely, nobody would take such a rare, iconic, and valuable car and go full “hellaflush” on it. And luckily, this wild creation is based on a Ford GT40 kit car chassis with custom body panels formed around it to resemble the Miura, all done to surprisingly accurate effect. The result is a car that sits just 32.2″ tall (that’s below the top of the tire on most Jeeps) and with the over fenders and super dished wheels, it looks more like a skateboard than it does a car. While this build surely ruffled plenty of feathers when it was debuted last week, I’ve got to say that I like the idea behind it. Really though, I’m just glad no real Miuras were hurt in the making of this build. […]

8 05, 2017

Lap Around the Web – May 8th

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We’ve long been pining for a nice Datsun 240Z driver to add to the MHCC fleet. And although we don’t have one yet, sometimes while day-dreaming about that gorgeous teardrop shape and luscious straight-6, I stumble across something really interesting that I can’t stop focusing on. In this case, I came across an incredible (albeit horribly impractical for MHCC purposes) carbon fiber-bodied, Nissan VQ35-powered 240Z. Not only did this guy create his own carbon body panels from scratch, but he went on to design and machine his own set of wheels! The end result is a car with well over 500 hp from a modern engine with only about 1700 lbs to motivate. While I have a hard time wrapping my head around all the hours and hours of work that went into this build, I can’t help but wish I could take a spin in the finished car. If you’ve got a few hours to kill, it’s definitely worth paging through the build thread. […]

13 03, 2017

Lap Around The Web – Mar. 13th

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I love pretty much every form of motorsports. If it’s fast and loud, I can dig it. But I think I just found a new favorite: Stadium Super Trucks. Although these bad boys have their roots in off-road, dirt track racing, it’s pretty awesome to see them tearing up a road course with designated jumps – and boy, can these puppies fly! Not to mention the insane wheel to wheel action, the more-than-occasional crashes, and the fireballs, and you’ve got one heck of a spectacle. Road & Track shared a great recap video from the recent race in Adelaide, Australia but I’d love to see these Super Trucks come to Minneapolis someday and rip around the potholed streets downtown! Maybe we’ll get lucky when the X-Games comes to Minneapolis this summer? A guy can dream, can’t he? […]

19 12, 2016

Lap Around The Web – Dec. 19th

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This week, we’re going to break things down with a collection of our favorite videos from the past week. And instead of saving the best for last, we’re gonna kick things off with a bang. Most of us here dork out over Evo Magazine for one reason or another. Whether it be the never-ending parade of drool-worthy cars, the insightful and entertaining writing style, or the epic photography (which I personally think bridges the gap between journalistic and artistic), there’s always something to love when flipping through the latest issue. Recently, Evo published their “Evo Car of the Year” issue and alongside it, an incredible video that sums up the test beautifully while adding in extra sights and sounds that simply can’t be replicated in print. Make sure to check out the rest of our video features below, but this is one video you can’t miss, and one we look forward to every year. […]

16 08, 2016

Lap Around The Web – August 16th, 2016

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If you like motorcycles, minitrucks, or beer, you’ve probably seen a few of Adam’s posts on the blog and in our newsletter before. Now, with Monterey Speed Week just around the corner, it’s worth noting that Petrolicious recently covered this amazing 1959 Bocar XP-5 wearing Meister Bräuser III livery that is heading to the auctions. What’s so special about this particular car (aside from it’s rarity, racing provenance, and just overall cool factor)? Well, it just so happens to have been restored by Adam’s dad, “The Doug” and now he’s selling it. This is one that we’ll be following closely! […]

1 08, 2016

Lap Around The Web – August 3rd, 2016

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Image courtesy of Stanceworks Our plucky little ’57 Porsche Speedster recreation has been busy this summer, regularly being rented out and enjoyed whenever the sun is shining.  And while we love that car, we also lust after its sportier brother, the 550 Spyder. Although we haven’t decided if we should add one to the MHCC fleet yet, this Stanceworks piece about Porsche’s 550 coupe – chassis number 550-001 in particular – has a way of stirring the soul. It’s amazing how beautiful something so simple and small can be. […]

20 07, 2015

The Hawk, Midwest’s Largest Vintage Race Car Experience

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  If you haven’t figured it out by now, we are huge fans of 2 things: vintage cars and racing. Combine those two at an event at our favorite track, Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin, and you’ll understand why we couldn’t pass up the chance to make a trip to the Midwest’s largest Vintage Race Car gathering – The Hawk with Brian Redman. Taking place over four days every July, the race attracts more than 400 cars ranging from old Datsun’s, Can Am and Formula 1, all the way to former Le Mans winners. Walking around the paddock with so much history is more than a dream come true. Not only do the racers bring out their best but spectators have some amazing cars and trucks, so once you leave the paddock the eye candy continues. Watching these cars race around the track is always a great time, but they also take to the streets on Friday night to parade through Elkhart Lake for the concours d‘elegance which fills the streets where they raced in the early 1950’s. After the parade ends, they park these historic race cars on portions of the original course giving tens of thousands of people the opportunity to talk to the owners and drivers and look over some of the greatest vintage race cars in existence. The celebration continues with all the local businesses bringing their best food, drink and live music going well into the wee hours of the morning The Hawk is [...]