24 07, 2017

Lap Around the Web – July 24th

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The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb was just over a month ago, but I’ve been waiting patiently for this particular set of photos from photographer Larry Chen. Not only is he one of the best action and motorsports photographers out there right now, but he’s also the official photographer of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. This is one of those events that has been on my bucket list to shoot or spectate for a long time and seeing Larry’s photos just cements that desire in my mind even further. Since the majority of the event is run outside of normal park hours to allow tourists to access the mountain during the day, this is one of the more grueling events to participate in or spectate, but the sacrifice of getting up at 3:00 am every morning and freezing your butt off does come with some rewards, like watching the sun rise over the clouds from the top of a mountain while purpose-built race cars fly by. Yup, I’m sold. […]

30 05, 2017

Lap Around the Web – May 30th

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It was a big weekend for racing, between F1’s historic Monaco GP, the Nurburgring 24 Hour race, and arguably the biggest race of them all, the Indy 500. As usual, MHCC hosted a live Monaco GP viewing party at The Dojo, but I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon watching the Indy 500 in the garage while tackling a few projects on my car. As someone who doesn’t usually follow Indycar racing, I was amazed at how much on-track action there was compared to the Monaco GP I watched just a few hours earlier. With so many cars running in such close proximity, there was plenty of passing and aggressive maneuvers around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that you just don’t see on the narrow streets of Monaco. With all eyes on Fernando Alonso, who skipped the premier F1 race to try his hand on the banked oval of the Indy 500, an engine failure forced him to drop out of the race in the final stages of the race and leaving the door open for fellow F1 driver Takuma Sato to take the checkered flag. If you recorded the race and planned to watch it, I’m sorry that I just spoiled it for you, but check out Road & Track for a much more detailed synopsis with video highlights from the race. […]

17 04, 2017

Lap Around the Web – April 17th

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Let’s talk about Monster Jam. It’s basically the best place to see monster trucks. They’re loud. They’re fast. They run things over and fly through the air. Sometimes they roll over and sometimes they don’t, but either way, the car control needed to pilot one of these 1,500 horsepower beasts around a stadium is impressive. That’s why this video absolutely blew my mind when I first saw it. Not only does Ryan Anderson pilot his Son-Uva Digger truck into a backflip, but he also manages to hold it in a wheelie, and later, an endo while blasting around the course. It’s definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! […]

27 02, 2017

Lap Around The Web – Feb 27th

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I know we usually focus on the spirit of driving; the visceral appeal of physically engaging vehicles, spewing hydrocarbons into the atmosphere in the form of lovely a *BRAAAAAP* emanating from the finely-tuned internal combustion engine. But this is the first truly sexy autonomous electric car I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s the first I’ve been truly giddy with excitement about. It’s called the NIO EP9 and it makes a full megawatt of power. Yes, that’s 1,360 HP. But the real story is the torque figure since like all electric vehicles, maximum torque is available from the word “go”. In the case of the EP9, that figure is a whopping 4,671 lb-ft of twist being sent to all four wheels. So yeah, it’s an electric vehicle, but it’s also capable of running competitive lap times without the help of a pesky driver. In fact, it set a 2:40 lap time around the Circuit of the Americas F1 track without any input from a driver. That being said, with a hot shoe behind the wheel, the lap times quickly dropped to 2:11, setting a track record for a “production” vehicle. Combine that with pace with the jaw-dropping looks and you can see why this is the first autonomous EV that has my heart pumping a little faster. Yowza! […]

6 02, 2017

Lap Around The Web – Feb. 6th

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Although it was hard to follow the intense racing of the 12 Hrs of Bathurst this past weekend, a bunch of photos from the 24 Hours of Daytona taken by some of our favorite photographers started to show up in galleries over the past few days. Since we couldn’t get enough of the incredibly clean, perfectly composed photos of Jamey Price, we figured we’d also include the far out, artsy race photos from Camden Thrasher as well. Between both of these guys’ photos, you’ll have a hard time keeping your jaw off the floor after you see the amazing images they produced at the 24 Hrs of Daytona. […]

31 01, 2017

Moving Pictures with Alex – February Edition

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We’re kicking off a new segment that focuses on all the cool automotive videos that caught our eye recently. We’ll still occasionally share some videos in the Lap Around The Web segments but this will be the new home for our favorite videos each month. For this first go around, we’re kicking things off with a day of adventure in a safari 911, a drive through the countryside in an Aston Martin DB4 GT Lightweight, a visit to Ed Pink Racing Engines, and a trip to Southern France in two of the most amazing McLarens ever built. […]

18 01, 2017

Lap Around the Web – Jan 16th

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Although it’s cold and snowy here in Minnesnowta, it’s perfect car show season in the southern states. Before all the big auctions in Scottsdale, AZ kick off later this week, the Arizona Biltmore was home to a stunning Concours event full of gorgeous vintage metal, including rare pre-war Bugattis, slick Ferrari race cars, and a delightful mix of other automotive exotica. As you might have come to expect by now, the chaps from Petrolicious made the road trip out from LA to take in the show and share some beautiful photos from the event. Click the link and prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor. […]

12 12, 2016

Lap Around The Web – Dec. 12th

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“New” old cars are very much in demand right now. Just look at Singer Vehicle Design building lovely backdated Porsche 911s that are a perfect marriage of modern tech with classic styling. Of course, if there’s money in it for a group of small cottage-builders, you better believe manufacturers want to get in on it to leverage their heritage as well. Case in point: Jaguar. Over the last few years, they built a very limited run of E-Type Lightweights and now XKSS’s for select well-heeled customers. Now, Aston Martin is exploiting their heritage by building a handful of “new” DB4 GT continuation cars designed to be used for vintage racing. Much like Aston offers 2 years of track support for its insane Vulcan race car, they plan to offer a similar level of support for the 25 people lucky enough to afford the nearly $2M price tag on a “new” DB4 GT. Could you imagine how awesome it would be to have both the Vulcan and a DB4GT in your garage?! […]

21 11, 2016

Lap Around the Web – Nov. 21st

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G-Wagens and Range Rovers are played out. Those glitzy boxes on wheels are just part of the status quo now. For those who can actually think for themselves, it’s time to climb into a classic Bronco, Defender, Land Cruiser, or Scout. We’re not the only ones who have been saying this for awhile, either – our buddy Doug sure loves our vintage SUVs – and now even The Wall Street Journal did a story on just how great it is to own one of these classic trucks as a status symbol. And don’t worry – if you don’t have the means or desire to own one, we’ve still got you covered since we’ve got plenty of options available to rent. […]

7 11, 2016

Lap Around The Web – Nov. 7th

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This week, we’re focusing on or favorite automotive-related videos we found around the web over the last week. To kick things off, check out this insane Toyota GT86 with the heart of a Ferrari 458 Italia crammed under the hood! Not only was there a TON of custom fabrication to make a mid-engined 4.5-liter V8 fit in a front-engined car that was originally powered by a 2.0-liter flat-4, but the whole thing was set up as a drift car with a gorgeous cage, show-car worthy bodywork, PLUS it sounds incredible and shoots epic fireballs! Driver Ryan Tuerck spearheaded the build as his new drift car and we can’t wait to see more photos and video on this car in 2017. […]

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