19 08, 2016

Defending the Boundary

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Every year a group of friends and I make plans to do something special. Two of their birthdays fall just a day apart in early August. This year it was decided that we would venture up to the Boundary Waters. Morries has been a sponsor and supporter of my MNC&C event since its inception in 2008.  I reached out to our friends at Morries Heritage Connection. They have a pretty broad and eclectic collection of cars for rent. They’ve had the D90 at the event before, so I already knew exactly what I wanted for the weekend. As luck would have it, the D90 was available that weekend and after getting the rental paperwork in order I was on the road with my “dream truck”. […]

14 03, 2016


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We at Morrie’s love finding organizations to support through donations of time, money, or other resources. We often work with organizations like Perspectives and Make-A-Wish, but this week we gathered in the MHCC Dojo to kick off a new partnership with PAB’S PACKS. PAB’S is an organization that provides backpacks full of comfort items to teens that spend a lot of time in hospitals due to chronic illnesses. The founders, Pia and Abbie, are two remarkable teenage girls who came up with the idea after having their own experiences with long hospital stays. The lifelong friends were grateful to have each other, as well as family and friends, as a support system through their hospital visit, but they noticed that some of the other patients weren’t in the same boat. […]

8 03, 2016

Start Seeing Motorcycles! Look Twice…Save a Life

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As a motorcyclist myself I hope nearly everyone has seen this bumper sticker on Minnesota roads. If you haven’t you might want to keep reading on. The weather is starting to turn and that means it’s time to start sharing the road with everyone. On an average day in 2014 there were a reported 215 crashes on Minnesota roads, that is per day! Of these crashes there were a reported 361 fatalities which has slightly decreased year after year, but unfortunately there were 46 motorcyclists who lost their lives in 2014. While all motorcyclists know the dangers of riding, people should to be aware of how to help avoid crashes and makes sure lives aren’t put in danger when they don’t need to be. The best information we can offer is that if you are a motorcyclist make sure you are riding smart. Always wear the appropriate riding gear and please for your own safety wear a helmet. The Office of Traffic Safety has a great list of tips to keep in mind as Spring approaches: Motorists are advised to watch carefully for motorcycles in traffic and always look twice before turning or changing lanes. Riders are advised to wear full, brightly-colored protective gear, including a DOT-approved helmet. Riders should travel at safe speeds, pay attention, maintain a two-second following distance and ride sober. Riders should seek safety training. We at Morrie’s care about the safety of motorists on the road and want to make sure you and your family are safe [...]

1 03, 2016

To Grom or not to Grom, that is the Grom.

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I have always been interested in motorcycles but with my first love being automobiles, two wheels have always taken a back seat (see what I did there). I did come close to buying a Yamaha R6 about 12 years ago, but decided that wasn’t the best “starter” bike. I hadn’t really thought about buying a motorcycle since—until I was at The Hawk with Brian Redman this summer. I was taking pictures of Honda motorcycles to taunt my coworker Adam, who loves all things on two wheels, especially Hondas. I took a picture of a little sport bike not really knowing what it was, and Adam’s text back was, “steal it”. I thought it was neat, a little sport bike with a 125cc engine that would be perfect as a pit bike for race weekends. I didn’t really think about it again until I was Circuit of the Americas for a World Racing League race over Valentine’s day weekend, and that’s where my love affair with Groms officially began. Who would have thought I would come home to start the search for a two-wheeled girlfriend. […]

23 02, 2016

What’s Going On – 02/23

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A shortlist of upcoming events that piqued our interest   Adult Coloring Club – Thursday, February 25th Who says coloring should only be for kids? The Coloring Club MPLS gives artistic adults an opportunity to put their colored pencils to use, which is good for people like Amber (one of our graphic designers) who have “coloring degrees” and want to keep up on their skills. Throw in $5 beers from Eastlake Craft Brewery (the event host) and coloring sheets from local artists and you can’t go wrong. WinterFest at the Union Depot – Friday, February 26th When he was in town last week Vice President Joe Biden had nothing but good things to say about St. Paul’s Union Depot.  If that’s not reason enough to plan a visit maybe a little beer might persuade you. This Friday the Minnesota Craft Brewers guild is hosting Winterfest, a tribute to Minnesota beer. Chase out the winter chill with a multitude of Winter Warmers, hearty food, beer education, entertainment and music Tech Fest 2016 – Saturday, February 26th We’re all for introducing our youth to engineering, mechanics and hands-on technology. If we don’t who is going to fix all of these old cars we’ve collected? All kidding aside, The Works Museum is hosting a neat family engineering and technology fair offering hours of technology exploration for the whole family. Consider it a good alternative to sitting home on the couch. Red Bull Crashed Ice – February 26th and February 27th The icy spectacle [...]

17 02, 2016

Circuit of the Amateur Endurance Race

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I have been fortunate enough to spend the last year or so going to various race tracks, more than I ever had in my life, some to spectate and some to race or crew for others. When my endurance race team found out that there was going to be a race at Circuit of the Americas we spoke about participating as a team. Since this World Racing League event would take place over Valentine’s Day weekend, many of our five team members decided they wanted to stay married. A couple of weeks after that discussion, I was talking to Erik from the team, who said he was talking to another team about renting a seat in their car. They struck a deal that was mutually beneficial as Team Endurance didn’t have time to drive their car to the track and Erik had the time transport the car and wanted to participate but didn’t have a a team. Erik asked if I was interested in coming along to help tow the car for the 2400 mile round trip. Of course, if you haven’t guessed yet, I am always up for a road trip and would get to hang out at Circuit of the Americas, the only Formula one race circuit in the United States. […]

17 02, 2016

A Walk around Circut of the Americas

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  Circuit of the Americas is the only Formula 1 race course in the U.S. Being able to spend time on this track where the world’s premier racing series runs is something special. The track was completed in 2011 and opened for its inaugural race in 2012. The layout was conceived by promoter Tavo Hellmund and MotoGP champion Kevin Schwantz with the assistance of world renowned circuit designer Hermann Tilke who has worked on many of the best circuits on the F1 schedule. I had the chance to walk the entire track and I took that opportunity to take pictures to get a slightly better perspective of the track. As you can imagine, seeing the track on television or in games doesn’t give this world class circuit the correct amount of justice. The 133 foot elevation change leading into turn one is more extreme than you would imagine, but the more interesting elevation changes were in the esses, making them even more challenging than I thought. The photos I took are all in order of the turns. It started getting pretty dark toward the end and they shut down the track for walking as I made it to the final turn heading into the main straight so the photos do get a little sparse after the carousel . I was able to drive the circuit the next morning and I have included the video of parade laps which I took from the nose of our ¾ ton tow vehicle. You [...]

10 02, 2016

Classic Cars, The Common Bond

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    One of the best parts of Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection is hearing the stories that everyone one seems to have about the cars in our collection. Any time we have car out at an event, without fail, multiple people come up and tell us they wanted, owned, or someone they knew had a car just like ours. Even if they aren’t necessarily a “car person”, just about everyone has been in a car or seen one driving around and thought “Damn. That’s cool.” It might be something as simple as the color, the noise it makes, or even a particularly memorable experience they had involving the car. The stories I love the most center around family, and the bond between people that can be forged by shared love of a car.  This video we came across sums up what is special about cars and their ability to bring people together.  

8 02, 2016

Bronco on Ice at the Wayzata Chilly Open

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For the last few years, we've been sponsoring the Wayzata Chilly Open. In addition to being a great big chili cook-off for the businesses in Wayzata and neighboring cities, Lake Minnetonka plays host to thousands of "golfers" and spectators who come out to play 9 holes worth of golf on the ice. This year, three distinct courses were set up out on the ice, with Morrie's sponsoring one of the courses. We set up a pop-up tent and brought our Banana Bronco out on the ice. The theme this year was "Superheroes" so we turned our hole into a cityscape straight from Spiderman, complete with action figures. If a golfer knocked one of the villains (either the Green Goblin or Venom) off the top of our cityscape they got an automatic hole-in-one! We had a great time out on the ice meeting all the golfers and spectators that came by our booth and were happy to keep people warm with our fire bit. Some of the costumes were really fun and over the top too! Take a look at our photo gallery below to see what we mean.

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