28 05, 2019

Lap Around the Web – May 27th, 2019

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Old, crusty Jeeps are cool. Old, race-prepped motorcycles are cool. Using an old 52-yr old Jeep Commando to tow your 25-yr old Ducati M900 to the race track is off-the-charts awesome. Alex Earle is the owner of both this nicely patinaed Jeep Commando as well as this customized Ducati, and despite the vast differences between both machines, they also compliment each other perfectly. Built out of simplistic functionality, both vehicles provide joy to Alex, and isn’t that what it’s all about? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkuwSvos4Sw […]

10 07, 2017

Lap Around the Web – July 10th

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Like many never-ending project cars, it all starts with the best intentions. When Chris Gonyea bought this ’71 Alfa GTV on the cheap, his plan was to restore it. It didn’t have the correct engine, and the engine it did have needed a refresh. The car’s ratty paint was actually hiding two other bad repaints from earlier in its life. There was rust starting to form in a few areas, and many of the car’s components were showing their age. After driving the car as is for a few years, Chris started tearing into the car, starting with the engine and working his way through the list of issues as time and cash flow allowed. But instead of continuing to spend money making the car look nice and getting to that unfortunate point where the car is so nice that you begin to feel guilty driving it, Chris got the running gear sorted and started to enjoy the car as it was intended to be used from the start: by driving the heck out of it every chance he got. Stanceworks covered Chris’s build story and what he’s up to with the car now in detail over on their site and I highly suggest you check it out. […]

3 07, 2017

Lap Around the Web – July 3rd

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It’s Independence Day week and plenty of people are either just leaving or just getting back from America’s greatest past-time: a road trip. For some people though, the best road trips don’t even involve roads. For instance, Jim Bob from Stanceworks hit the trails in Utah in his Tacoma and some buddies for an 8-day adventure in the truest sense of the word, spending most of their time far away from pavement and civilization. From the beautiful waterfalls to derelict mining sites, this is the sort of trip that any self-described adventurer should make at least once in their lifetime. Head on over to Stanceworks to read the rest of the story and check out all the amazing photos. […]

15 05, 2017

Lap Around the Web – May 15th

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We all know Steve McQueen was a cool dude. He was a handsome movie star turned race car driver whose one dream was to make a box office hit that captured the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Unfortunately, the movie envisioned ended up being a flop, destroyed his marriage, bankrupted a production company, and put a huge black mark on McQueen's acting career. Now, Don Nunley, the man in charge of providing props for McQueen's film "Le Mans" has written a tell-all book about the filming of that ill-fated movie. Given all of the calamities involved in filming one of the best vintage racing movies of all time, I can't wait to read the book, titled "Steve McQueen: Life in the Rearview Mirror".   On the rare occasion you tend to see a Mercedes 300SL, it's usually either in a museum or crossing the auction block. These rare and highly valuable cars are almost always kept 100% stock and painstakingly restored, but every once in awhile, someone bucks the trend and decides to actually enjoy driving one of these gorgeous machines. In the case of this particular 300SL, this lucky owner decided to customize the car precisely to his tastes and driving style, with custom-fitted rallye lights in the front grille, a Zagato-esque double-bubble roof to accommodate taller drivers, and an interior retrimmed in gorgeous ostrich leather. While purists may scoff, I've got to admit that it really works well in this situation. The end result is no less beautiful than any of [...]

27 03, 2017

Lap Around the Web – Mar. 27th

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The Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale is the most beautiful car in the world. It just is. The proportions are perfect, with the curvy aluminum skin stretched tight to form the sensuous shape, while the big, doe-eyed headlights help frame the “face” of the car. The cockpit is perfectly formed out of glass and Lexan, creating a beautiful, airy greenhouse. And tucked neatly behind the driver’s shoulders is a small but mighty 2.0-liter V8, capable of revving to over 10,000 RPM and propelling the flyweight road rocket to over 180-MPH, an insane speed for a street car in the 1960s. What makes the car all the more precious is the rarity: given the huge price tag at the time, Alfa only built 18 of these gorgeous cars, each by hand, and each styled by a different Italian coachbuilder. No two are the same. For more on this glorious car, head on over to Classic Driver and check out their gorgeous photos. […]

27 02, 2017

Lap Around The Web – Feb 27th

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I know we usually focus on the spirit of driving; the visceral appeal of physically engaging vehicles, spewing hydrocarbons into the atmosphere in the form of lovely a *BRAAAAAP* emanating from the finely-tuned internal combustion engine. But this is the first truly sexy autonomous electric car I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s the first I’ve been truly giddy with excitement about. It’s called the NIO EP9 and it makes a full megawatt of power. Yes, that’s 1,360 HP. But the real story is the torque figure since like all electric vehicles, maximum torque is available from the word “go”. In the case of the EP9, that figure is a whopping 4,671 lb-ft of twist being sent to all four wheels. So yeah, it’s an electric vehicle, but it’s also capable of running competitive lap times without the help of a pesky driver. In fact, it set a 2:40 lap time around the Circuit of the Americas F1 track without any input from a driver. That being said, with a hot shoe behind the wheel, the lap times quickly dropped to 2:11, setting a track record for a “production” vehicle. Combine that with pace with the jaw-dropping looks and you can see why this is the first autonomous EV that has my heart pumping a little faster. Yowza! […]

30 01, 2017

Lap Around The Web – Jan. 30th

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In the 1960’s and early 1970s, nobody was testing the limits of what could be done with a race car quite like Jim Hall. Many of the technologies pioneered by Hall and his company, Chaparral, were so controversial, so ahead of the curve, that they were outright banned in Can-Am at the time, and outside of F1, most of these feats of engineering and rule-bending are still outlawed today. For instance, the famous Chaparral 2E shocked the racing world in 1966 with its automatic transmission that allowed the driver to use their left foot to instead control the angle of the massive adjustable rear wing mounted high above the driver’s head. Perhaps most iconic of all, the 1970 Chaparral 2J first appeared at Watkins Glen without any of the usual velocity stacks, wings, scoops, or other stand racecar features. Instead, the slab-sided car had two big jet engine-like fans protruding from the rear, capable of sucking the car to the ground to provide downforce without the drag of traditional wings. Unfortunately, it proved to be as unreliable as it was revolutionary and after failing to podium in any of the few races they entered during the 1970 season, the “fan car” was promptly banned as well. Road & Track recently wrote an incredible and insightful story on the Chaparral 2J and its creator, Jim Hall. We highly suggest you give it a read. […]

18 01, 2017

Lap Around the Web – Jan 16th

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Although it’s cold and snowy here in Minnesnowta, it’s perfect car show season in the southern states. Before all the big auctions in Scottsdale, AZ kick off later this week, the Arizona Biltmore was home to a stunning Concours event full of gorgeous vintage metal, including rare pre-war Bugattis, slick Ferrari race cars, and a delightful mix of other automotive exotica. As you might have come to expect by now, the chaps from Petrolicious made the road trip out from LA to take in the show and share some beautiful photos from the event. Click the link and prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor. […]

30 08, 2016

Lap Around the Web – August 30th

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When car people see their favorite car, their first reaction is to take a picture with it as if they own it. That’s just what this daddy-daughter duo did, until something went awry… And as a hopeful future owner of a DeLorean (which I will call “DeLauren”), I can completely understand this girl’s excitement when she finds out her dad bought this iconic car. […]

22 06, 2016

Lap Around The Web – 6/22/16

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Hopefully you had the chance to watch at least a little bit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans this past weekend, especially the last few laps where Porsche lucked into taking the overall victory when the leading Toyota suffered an engine failure on the second to last lap of the race. The Drive has put together an amazing lineup of photos that help tell the story of Porsche’s incredible 919 race car that would eventually take the checkered flag, making this the second win in a row for the German powerhouse. […]

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