8 03, 2016

Amelia Island Auction Top Picks – MHCC

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Car we’d most like to drive across the country in: 1957 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Tour de France Not only is this Ferrari 250 TdF drop-dead gorgeous but it has actual racing pedigree at Spa, Monza, and in the actual Tour de France that this car gets its name from. We’d happily use this car for vintage events like Mille Miglia to tear across the Italian countryside in the utmost style. RM Sotheby’s didn’t provide any auction estimates but style like this certainly doesn’t come cheaply. […]

10 02, 2016

Classic Cars, The Common Bond

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    One of the best parts of Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection is hearing the stories that everyone one seems to have about the cars in our collection. Any time we have car out at an event, without fail, multiple people come up and tell us they wanted, owned, or someone they knew had a car just like ours. Even if they aren’t necessarily a “car person”, just about everyone has been in a car or seen one driving around and thought “Damn. That’s cool.” It might be something as simple as the color, the noise it makes, or even a particularly memorable experience they had involving the car. The stories I love the most center around family, and the bond between people that can be forged by shared love of a car.  This video we came across sums up what is special about cars and their ability to bring people together.  

30 11, 2015

Epic Road Trip or Hair Brained Scheme, Why Not Both?

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We are always up for a road trip, so when we had the chance to go and pick up our newest Heritage car in Washington and drive it back instead of shipping it, we said, “Why not?” We fly out Wednesday to pick up our 1977 Mazda pickup and start the 2800-mile journey back to Minnesota. While we could just drive straight back via Interstate 90, we thought we should take the long way back and check out what this country has to offer. […]

30 11, 2015

New Addition: 1977 Mazda Rotary Engine Pickup (REPU)

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We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our Morrie’s Heritage rental fleet: a 1977 Mazda Rotary Engine Pick Up. This beautiful REPU has just gone through an almost 5-year overhaul and restoration that has made it one of the nicest specimens of this truck we have seen. The most notable feature is the paint job, which is the original Mazda Skyish Blue. When you look at the stance of the truck, you’ll notice it sits a bit lower than stock based on the Bilstein coilovers up front, de-arched springs with 2 leafs removed in the rear, and adjustable air shocks. […]

23 11, 2015

Italian sports car fantasy … for rent

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    Italian sports car fantasy … for rent This might sound kinda geeky, but one of the coolest things about the 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider that I drove from Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection was the dashboard. Full instrumentation! I can’t tell you the last time I drove a car that had more than the ubiquitous speedometer and tachometer. As my wife and I drove around town, with the top down and wind in our hair, I appreciated watching the meters. It was reassuring to see the steady oil pressure and cool engine temp, and knowing that the purring engine was running the way it’s supposed to. We picked up the car at Morrie’s garage in Golden Valley on a late summer day. We were looking for the fun and exhilaration of driving a sports car with a time-honored nameplate without worrying about fussy maintenance or making room in our garage. […]

17 06, 2015

Hot summer, cool cars just added to the MHCC fleet

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Morrie's Heritage Car Connection is excited to announce the recent addition of four really fun and unique vehicles to the MHCC fleet! First up, we just took delivery of this cool 1974 Volkswagen Thing. Originally designed to be the German equivalent of a Jeep, they were ordered by the German military as well as a number of coastal resorts around the world. In either case, they were enjoyed for their rugged, go-anywhere capabilities while being lightweight, fun to drive, and affordable. It might surprise you to know that the VW Thing actually shares a number of its components with the VW Beetle as well as Porsches of the era. We also recently added a 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder to the mix. This turquoise blue beauty shares its unique rear-engine layout with the VW Thing offers an air-cooled Flat-6 engine, just like the Porsche 911 of the time. Between the unique engine layout and slick 4-speed manual, it's a ton of fun to drive! Even if Ralph Nader hates the Corvair, we're really excited to have this drop-top in the mix. Just in time for road trip season, we also acquired two big, lumbering wagons for the collection as well: a 1966 Ford Country Squire and a 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Not only can you fit a surprising amount of people on both of these vehicles but if you run out of room inside, they also both feature factory luggage racks for extra carrying capacity. The Country Squire even comes with its own set of vintage luggage! And nothing can [...]

9 06, 2015

Somerset or Bust: Camping with a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] When you’re headed out for a weekend camping trip a spacious and capable vehicle is key. One could argue that any modern-day SUV would suffice, but where's the fun in that? Enter the 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62. Equipped with 4WD, enough cargo space for a small army, and creature comforts new to the SUV segment in it’s day, you couldn’t ask for a better camping companion. Headed for Somerset, WI for a weekend full of campfires, music, food, and fun, we easily loaded camping gear and essentials for 4 people in the back with room to spare. The unique tailgate/hatch combination proved itself quite useful, making packing very easy and later providing a great place to take in the scenery. Once packed and ready we set out on the open road, only to find ourselves stuck in traffic headed out of the city. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the large open windows that are now a thing of the past due to aggressive styling and large B and C pillars made navigating through traffic a breeze since there really are no blind-spots in this beauty. Finally making it out of the hustle and bustle of the city we sat back and relaxed, enjoying the steady hum of the 4.0L I6 under the hood. Earning its "Land Cruiser" namesake, it made short work of the 50 mile journey from Minneapolis, MN to Somerset, WI. We arrived in style and proceeded to our designated campsite. Cutting through [...]