15 05, 2018

If a tree falls on track does anyone hear it?

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Life moves pretty slowly after returning to normal life following a race weekend. That’s a known fact when you’re involved in some manner of motorsports. I was reminded of that last week. Two weekends ago I kicked off the racing season by heading to Road America for the World Racing League CanAm Endurance Cup. The racing activity comprised of an eight-hour race on Saturday and another eight-hour race on Sunday. That’s 16 hours of wheel to wheel racing on what I consider the best race track in America. In other words, it was heaven. A racer’s dream. To top it off the weather was absolutely perfect and the car ran great. That said, the weekend wasn’t without a few hiccups. We kicked off the weekend running through tech For the race my team of amateur endurance racing veterans brought out our trusty orange steed, a 1989 BMW 325i. It’s hard to believe, but the event marked our 9th year running the car we’ve affectionately named the E30 bomber. The bomber has evolved dramatically since its inaugural event at Brainerd many years ago and has morphed into a super reliable and reasonably quick little race car. This event again proved that meticulous maintenance during the off-season makes the racing a lot more fun (because the car runs as expected) during the racing season. Sometimes, however, human error can screw it all up temporarily. Our Motley Crew of petrolheads. From right we have our crew chief Josh, Ben, Erik, [...]

1 08, 2017

Auto Lieben – A Celebration of German Cars

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This past Sunday, we brought out a couple of our favorite Heritage cars – the ’87 Porsche 911 and a the bright orange VW Thing – to Auto Lieben at Afton Alps. What is Auto Lieben? Well, it’s a car show that celebrates German engineering from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, and Porsche, as well as a curated collection of vintage Volkswagens. Although it’s easy to see why modern cars like the Audi R8 V10 Plus, Porsche 911 Turbo S, or Mercedes-AMG GT would steal the show, it was cars like the Carrera GT, the BMW Z1 from the early 1990s, and the Mercedes 280SL Pagoda that stole our hearts. In its third year running, it was blessed with beautiful, warm summer weather and we’re looking forward to going back again next year. Until then, have a look at our photo gallery to see what you might’ve missed if you weren’t there. […]

14 02, 2017

If you haven’t driven it, it’s new to you. Adventures in BMW 2002tii repair.

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Our BMW 2002tii has been kind of the forgotten child when it comes to the Heritage collection of cars. Have you ever had the project you know isn’t going to go your way so you just keep pushing it off? Well our 2002tii was mine. The tii is a mechanical fuel injected version off the BMW 2002, while it is a fairly basic system in theory, it works or doesn’t. We believe ours to be the latter. But first things first why have we been avoiding well, we weren’t the first. I have tried to have several shops track down its perplexing problems, and the number one response when you call them, “Tii? No thanks.” I guess sometimes you can’t actually pay people to fix cars. I would spend a couple days a month working little things after researching the google box. After multiple shops not being able to time the car correctly, I dug up a local resource for getting the distributor restored. This person happens to be the expert in 2002 distributors, we even featured him as a guest blog shop a few months back you may remember.  Our distributor was is rough shape, advancing the timing way before the factory setting, but that wasn’t anything Advance Distributors couldn’t handle. […]

20 09, 2016

Lap Around The Web – September 20th

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Spa Francorchamps has been a beautiful backdrop for some of the great racing we’ve seen for 95 years. While it’s best known today as one of the most challenging circuits on the F1 calendar, the track also hosts a 6-hour vintage race full of 100s of our favorite racing cars of the past. Everything from Ferrari 250 GTOs and Jag E-Types up to Ford Mustangs and Chevy Corvettes take to the track to duke it out for 6 hours on the track’s undulating, and often unpredictable tarmac. Petrolicious put together a great story on the recent race at Spa that is definitely worth a look. […]

2 08, 2016

The Best of the Wurst – 2016 Auto Lieben Motorsports Fest

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Hot on the heels of Eurowerks, Auto Lieben is a German-centric car show that chooses to focus on vehicles from Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. Nestled against the picturesque ski slopes of Afton Alps, the event gives you the feeling that you’re enjoying a warm afternoon in the German countryside. In only its second year, Auto Lieben managed to attract about 100 of Minnesota and Wisconsin’s finest German vehicles, ranging from meticulously built E30 M3s, to lovingly polished 280 SL Pagodas, to a bright orange, fire-breathing GT3 RS, and everything in between. […]

20 04, 2016

Getting a BMW M3 ready for the Morrie’s Luxury Auto Track Day

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  I have a friend who recently sold his Porsche 911 Turbo and picked a 1998 BMW M3 as a temporary car while he searches for the right car to replace the 911 turbo. He ended up liking the M3 so much he decided to buy another one that was in better condition and had lower miles. After searching he found a clean 1997 M3 in Milwaukee and decided to have a pre purchase inspection done. There were a couple of issues that were found while the list wasn’t too long some items needed to be dealt with before the drive back home to Minneapolis. The other issues found during the PPI were common BMW maintenance items and overlapped with some upgrades that were planned before he had even picked the car up. […]

10 02, 2016

Classic Cars, The Common Bond

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    One of the best parts of Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection is hearing the stories that everyone one seems to have about the cars in our collection. Any time we have car out at an event, without fail, multiple people come up and tell us they wanted, owned, or someone they knew had a car just like ours. Even if they aren’t necessarily a “car person”, just about everyone has been in a car or seen one driving around and thought “Damn. That’s cool.” It might be something as simple as the color, the noise it makes, or even a particularly memorable experience they had involving the car. The stories I love the most center around family, and the bond between people that can be forged by shared love of a car.  This video we came across sums up what is special about cars and their ability to bring people together.  

27 01, 2016

Our Top Picks at the 2016 Scottsdale Auctions

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  We thought with the auction season kicking off in Scottsdale this week we would cover a few of our highlights from what the various auction houses have to offer. While our picks are not necessarily the high dollar vehicles, we’ve assembled a list of interesting cars that we’d love to own. The Scottsdale auctions originally started in 1967 when Russ Jackson and Tom Barrett presented “Fiesta del Auto Elegance” to raise money for local charities. Today, the Scottsdale auctions are held by many of the auction houses, while events are held all week long and the bigger lots are auctioned off over the weekends. […]

11 08, 2015

Auto Lieben: Motorsports Fest at Afton Alps

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With auto show season in full swing for the summer, we got excited about the idea of an event hosted a bit further away from the Twin Cities. Auto Lieben managed to book the gorgeous hillside of Afton Alps as the site of their first annual all-German car show and we were happy to be there with our '57 Porsche Speedster recreation. It really was the perfect excuse for a nice scenic drive and the food truck selling traditional German eats like pretzels and bratwurst in addition to a great selection of beer was just the icing on the cake!