Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis: What A Week

With all the hype surrounding Super Bowl LII we can’t help but think how much fun it was to have our city on the map, so we had to do a roundup now that it’s all over. The game itself turned out to be one of the best actual games in recent memory – and congratulations to the Eagles and their Super Bowl title, which was well deserved (just being nice – SKOL Vikes). Let’s take a look at everything that happened, from the 2019 Aston Martin Vantage, to all those celebrity sightings, and much, much more in our Super Bowl roundup.


Like we mentioned, it was a great game, but if you want highlights from that you’ll have to tune to ESPN 8 the Ocho for all that sweet, sweet, licensed NFL footage. Of course, we wish it would have been our beloved Vikings, but having the Super Bowl in our city is one of those once in a lifetime events. U.S. Bank stadium is such an amazing facility, and during the halftime show when they cut to the overhead tribute shot to Prince, and the entire city was Purple, and it almost brought a tear to our Minnesotan eyes. Justin Timberlake did an amazing job performing, and it’s hard to ask for anyone better to bring down the house like he did.

Besides the actual game and festivities, Nicollett Mall was a madhouse of out-of-towners and locals trying to spot some c-list celebs. Snowmobile phenom Levi LaVallee got the crowds going when he hit the Polaris Upside Downtown snowmobile ramp and did a backflip over Nicollett Mall! Maybe you saw Jimmy Fallon was sharing some hotdish with a local Minnesota family? He was here to film The Tonight Show with Justin Timberlake, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the entire cast of This is Us, which was pretty cool. Tickets were a hot commodity, but you can watch the entire episode online in case you missed it after the game. Rocking his “bold north” gloves, it seemed like Jimmy really enjoyed his time freezing his butt off up here with us, and we were happy to have him!

You might have seen the 2019 Aston Martin Vantage (one of only two in the country!) showing up randomly around town? It was here for the Big Game Big Give event, in which it was used as an auction piece to help raise some money for charity. While that vehicle wouldn’t be the one purchased, they were still able to raise a lot of money benefitting a great local charity, The Giving Back Fund. Also, how cool does a Lime Essence Aston look inside an ice castle!?! Jamie Foxx hosted, and from what we heard was an incredible party, with DJ Diesel AKA Shaquille O’Neal mixing it up on the 1’s and 2’s.


You can’t talk Super Bowl without mentioning the ads playing during the game. We had a few favorites that we wanted to share. The “Tide” company spent a BOATLOAD of money, but absolutely crushed it this year.

While we might agree that you most likely aren’t going to take your brand new Jeep and run it into a waterfall, this does look mighty fun. Maybe putting proof into the term, “if you can doesn’t mean you should” but c’mon right? This looks like something you should do. Do it.

Lastly, we wanted to drop in the Steven Tyler – Kia Stinger ad. With it being the closest car commercial to having an actual racetrack and including burnouts and reverse slides, we were sold. So check this one out for yourself and let us know what you think!


Looking back at the 2018 Super Bowl LII, we’d say as true Minnesotans that it was a massive success. Let Philadelphia have their time in the limelight, we’ll keep our lime Aston Martin photos as a memory instead! Was it an overpriced week of madness…yes. Was it a week of crazy east-coasters freezing their spray tans off…yes. Would we do it again…absolutely, yes!

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