Summer Spot – Rise Bagel Co.

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day; however, if you do Saturday night right, you’ll surely sleep through Sunday breakfast. Not to worry, Rise Bagels has your back [and your belly]. 

Rise Bagel’s new, beautiful, industrial-modern shop on 3rd Street in Minneapolis is the perfect Sunday morning summer spot, and  they serve breakfast all day long! What makes their bagels so special you ask? Rise puts a modern spin on old-world artisal bagels, making their dough from scratch, with organic ingredients and unique topping combinations. In today’s lingo, one would describe their bagels as incredibly ‘boujee’, meaning fancy or over the top. This descriptor is deliciously spot on.

One of Rise Bagel’s most popular sandwiches is appropriately called the Artisan. Picture this: A warm plain bagel filled with an organic egg, crispy bacon, melty havarti cheese, crispy arugula, fresh rosemary butter, and sweet apple mustard. YUM.

Another scrumptious sandwich is their Lox, a classic favorite. They follow the rules, making it with an everything bagel, plain cream cheese, red onion, capers and dill, but their house cured gravlox is what makes it so special.

The risky one in the group, the one who always orders the most outrageous menu item, would definitely order what Rise  calls the Open-Faced Wonton. Jalapeño cream-cheese, sweet and sour sauce and hot mustard is spread on top of a toasted sesame bagel. The finishing touch is a layer of crumbled crispy wontons. Try it out, I dare ya!

Finally, I bet I can guess what all the sweet-tooths will order, the open-faced Pop Art bagel, hands down. Rise is brilliant, they’ve topped a plain bagel with buttercream frosting, strawberry preserves and sprinkles; they’ve created an artisan pop-tart!

All that being said, are you on Team Bagel or Team Donut? If you’re Team Bagel, you’ll surely love this summer spot. If you’re Team Donut, you’re about to be traded.

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