Have you looked back on Summer 2018 and thought to yourself that you’ve been lame, redundant or simply too cabin-going Minnesotan for one’s own good? Well, it’s not too late to change that.

End this summer with a bang, make a trip to Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge. The name says it all, this place is far from your typical Friday night dinner destination!

For starters, there are three different places to grub:

  1. The Main Bar: This is arguably the most dinning-room-esk section of the restaurant, but it’s still appropriately ‘psycho’. It’s dark and gloomy, the perfect ambiance for one of their famous flaming drinks!
  2. The Riverfront Patio: The best way to describe it is a voodoo tiki bar. There are plenty of faux paradise drinks to choose from to make the beautiful view of the water a bit blurry, check out their exotic drink menu!
  3. The Shangri-La: Their website describes it as being the perfect place for the “crass and cynical age”. All I can say is, maybe apply a couple temperary tattoos if you don’t already have a real one, this bar is shady, but in the best way!

Secondly, brace yourself, there are also three different bars at Psycho Suzi’s:

  1. The Shrunken Head: You don’t walk away from this bartop with just one drink in your hands. Apparently, the drinks served here are “guaranteed to prevent rational thought”. Bold.
  2. Forbidden Cove: This is not the bar to go to with the guys. Enjoy cushier seating and a balcony with your lover at this cutesy bar.
  3. Ports of Pleasure: This bar is where the younger crowd tends to congregate, it’s the most lively of the three bar. One piece of advice, prepare yourself, these drinks are stiff.

Pyscho Suzi’s website describes their place as passive-aggressive, and a good time with bad taste. I almost forgot to mention, this Friday, the jungle-jazz band Exotik-A-GoGo will be playing live at The Shangri-La bar! Make up for the big-yawn summer you’ve had thus far, spend one of the last Fridays at this psycho summer spot.

To have even more fun, cruising to and from in a rad MHCC car! But please.. designate a driver.