Should pineapple be on pizza? The world may never know. What I can tell you for sure, though, is that you most definitely should add Pie Night at Oasis Eatery to your summer bucket list. 

Jon and Amy S. rented Heritage’s Speedster last Wednesday and posted the following picture of the pretty Porsche enjoying a water-front view. Jon captioned his picture, “It’s like flipping a bathtub over on a go-kart and driving really fast.” What a perfect description, who wouldn’t want to experience that!

Before the two headed out on their cruise they shared that their destination was Oasis Eatery in Prescott, WI. The couple raved about the restaurant’s wood-fire pizza, their homemade pie and how much fun the live music is too! Pie Night is every Wednesday night from 4-8pm April through October. Next time you and your friends, or you and your honey are looking for something special to do or for some exceptionally tasty food, give this summer spot a shot!

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