Summer Spot – Cup And Cone

A balanced diet is an ice cream in both hands..

The temperature gauge reads above 90 degrees, and that’s the only justification you need for a sweet treat. By this point in summer, if you have a sweet tooth, I’m sure you’ve already visited DQ, Cold Stone, Culver’s, Cherry Berry or your local ice cream shop at least 3 times. It’s time to try something new! Head to Cup And Cone in White Bear Lake, MN for an inexpensive ice cream experience.

If you ask any local, Cup And Cone has been a regular dessert-stop since they were children; it’s their 40th anniversary this summer! It’s clear that this ice cream shop has perfected the texture and flavors, you’ll never see their bike rake empty; it’s the local kids’ favorite bike-ride destination. They’ve also mastered their pricing with their kiddie cone being sold for just $.70 and having nothing on their menu that is over $6.75. Their menu consists of foods such as order-how-you-like subs and hoagies, chili-dogs, floats, malts & shakes, dipped & crunch cones, and even gluten free and lactose free ice cream. Cup And Cone also has a rotating Flavor of the Day, there’s surely something on their menu that everyone in the family will love!

This summer spot is at the center of the city, just across the street from the cute shops and well known restaurants in Downtown White Bear. Next time you’re looking for a fun lake-side city to explore and you’re screamin’ for ice cream, head out to Cup And Cone!

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