Lawn bowling. Have I gotten your attention yet?

You might have no idea what it is, but if you’re anything like me and love anything competitive, Brit’s Pub on Nicolette Avenue is the place for you. The restaurant is known for its multi-level patio that they host a handful of entertaining events on, such as lawn bowling and their Annual Outdoor Summer Movie series. Make sure to mark your calendar for next Monday, August 13th, they’ll be showing Shaun of the Dead starting at 8:30pm!

Brit’s Pub’s food absolutely shouldn’t go unmentioned either. Their menu (and beer menu!) is deliciously extensive, of course including classic British food options such as Scotch Eggs and perfectly golden Fish and Chips. Other popular options include their Cornish Pasty and what they call Sir Winston’s Cheese Toasty! You’ll have to ask your waitress about those ones, but I bet they’re bloody scrumptious.

Take a cruise to Minneapolis and try this fun summer spot this weekend, the weather’s going to be perfect for it!