Small Town Minnesota – People Would Never Believe

All across this great state of ours there are secret places, with secret collections the likes of which may not be seen anywhere else in the country. Well, maybe that’s a reach, but when I get the call to go see some vintage motorcycles at an open shop on a Sunday, I was there.

I got the call early Saturday afternoon that a family friend would be in town for a funeral. Now some of you may have known Myron Cottrell aka “boom-boom” who was an engine builder for many years in these parts, and we did want to pass our condolences on to his family. If any of you knew Myron he was a huge part of the automotive racing community and will be missed. So being that our friend was in town for the funeral, he had some time on Sunday and invited us to a shop out west of town that was hosting an open shop Sunday. I had no idea what I was walking into, and man was I surprised.

From end to end this shop was cram packed with unique signs, artwork, parts, and so much more it was hard to take it all in. From a vintage Triumph with only 49 original miles, to some Norton and BSA motorcycles I’d never even heard of, it was a pretty unique experience that I wanted to share. There was a wall in the basement covered with different mousetraps that must have dated back until the 50’s and maybe even before! It was all so cool to see, and in my short amount of time there I realized that the motorcycle culture has been amazing dating back to even the 60’s and even before. Part of me wants to keep that alive today, and I feel like what we do at MHCC helps keep people in touch with a sense of bygone motoring. So I wandered around and snapped some pictures of this amazing shop, and really wanted to thank the host for such a neat event.

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