We at Morrie’s love finding organizations to support through donations of time, money, or other resources. We often work with organizations like Perspectives and Make-A-Wish, but this week we gathered in the MHCC Dojo to kick off a new partnership with PAB’S PACKS.

PAB’S is an organization that provides backpacks full of comfort items to teens that spend a lot of time in hospitals due to chronic illnesses. The founders, Pia and Abbie, are two remarkable teenage girls who came up with the idea after having their own experiences with long hospital stays. The lifelong friends were grateful to have each other, as well as family and friends, as a support system through their hospital visit, but they noticed that some of the other patients weren’t in the same boat.

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The backpacks include items that Pia and Abbie found to be essential for their own hospital trips. A notepad and pen to write down questions for the doctor, a stress ball to keep from fidgeting, lotion and lip balm to combat the dry air, a blanket, and the new addition of a stuffed penguin named Pabby all go into the packs, along with a handwritten note. They personally hand out many of the backpacks, making friends and learning about the recipients as they do so.

I was impressed and intrigued when I heard about their idea and saw one of the packs a few months ago, and figured that helping stuff 100 packs would be a rewarding enough experience. Pia and Abbie made the little event so much more remarkable than I expected. As they each told their stories and passionately spoke about where the idea for PAB’S started, I could hardly believe these girls were barely even 16. It’s easy to see that they have poured their hearts into their work and truly care about each and every person who receives a backpack from them. It was an honor to help them get a little closer to their goal of packing and handing out 1500 backpacks this year, and I will gladly help out again.

Check out the PAB’S PACKS website for more information about Pia, Abbie, and the organization. Want to get a bit more involved? Donate to them here.

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