Perfect for those snowy trips to your local Whole Foods or a classy night out on the town, this luxurious 1989 Cadillac Stretch Limo is the opulent go-anywhere vehicle you need. This is the perfect vehicle for when your Hummer or Abrams tank is in the shop again, and for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy the sleek, wheel-less lines of this Cadillac. If you think 20-inch wheels look good on a Cadillac, these 20-ft tracks look TWELVE TIMES BETTER. A bargain at only $6,000 CAD, which is basically $48 and a 12-pack of Molson Ice in US currency. Located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Check out this 1964 Ford Econoline van with a custom paintless paint job. That big win up top keeps this aerodynamic brick planted on its meaty Cragar wheels. Green accents inside and out show that this vehicle is environmentally conscious, probably. Inside, a custom green engine cover – repurposed from an old meat smoker – covers up a worked over Chevy 305 motor. The chimney on the smoker serves as a custom ram-air intake for the engine. You’ll never see another one like it so buy this 1964 Econoline for the low, low price of $14,000 which is totally, probably a reasonable amount of money if you literally can’t think of anything else to spend $14,000 on.

Half train, half limousine, this 1929 Graham-Paige Sound Train is the classy motoring conveyance you need. Recently restored to show age-appropriate patina, this is one of just 15 of these train cars made for Paramount Studios. All of your grandpa’s favorite celebrities probably rode in the back of one of these when they were still starring in movies. With this nearly pristine example, all of the bells and whistles work, however very few other items or accessories on this vehicle still function besides the bell and whistle. Pick up this Hollywood time capsule for the insanely high price of just $25,000.

Nothing says “I’m a completely normal and sane person” like slapping some tailfins from a 1959 Cadillac onto your 1972 Mercedes-Benz 450SL and painting it lime green. As an added dose of rationality, the interior has been updated to feature snow leopard print fabric on the seats and door panels. This one of a kind example has spent its pampered life in Hollywood being featured in low-rent music videos as well as on Playboy TV, so there’s that… As the owner says, “it is essentially a work of art”, which is great if you want to hang it up on your wall because it barely runs and the floorboards are rusting through. But hey, nobody ever said looking this good would be easy!

If you’ve ever wondered how to make the Lotus Elise better, here’s your blueprint. Take a Series 1 Lotus Elise like this example from 1997, make it lower, longer, and wider with carbon fiber panels, and replace the sub-200 hp inline-4 with a 600+ hp twin-turbo V8 borrowed from the then-upcoming Espirit V8. It still weighs the same as a stock Elise but has triple the power and all the downforce necessary for competing in the FIA GT as well as Le Mans. Now you’ve got the perfect car to make your local neighborhood Porsche GT1 and Mercedes CLK GTR owners nervous!