Although there isn’t a ton of information supplied about this orange toast….er, I mean Scion xB, there are some key facts in the eBay Motors listing to indicate it’s something special. First of all, it’s been converted to RWD. That’s a pretty big deal right there but look a little deeper and you’ll notice there’s a 383 CID V8 crammed under the boxy hood and a beefy solid rear axle out back. You might also notice the twin exhaust pipes that surely produce a mighty sound from the otherwise pedestrian looking box on wheels. Although I’d love to see a manual transmission instead of the OEM-looking automatic, it looks like this Scion xB was built more for surprising people between stoplights than hustling down twisty backroads so I’ll give the choice of transmission a pass here. To see more about this odd-ball Scion, check the listing on eBay Motors where bidding starts at $28,000.

Choo-choooooo! I can only hope this thing has the loudest train horn to match the rest of the bodywork. What you’re looking at here is… uh… a train car, I guess. But not a train car that gets pulled behind a train. Instead, this is a 1980’s Chevy 1-ton dually pickup truck with custom bodywork to look like a train. Although it runs and has license plates, I’m not sure one could see out of it well enough to safely drive it anywhere. But, if you really like trains and want to drive one where there aren’t train tracks, this might just be the perfect vehicle for you. It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away in Maple Park, Illinois with a starting bid of $1,900 on eBay Motors.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this 1971 Lawil S3 probably has more in common with a golf cart than a normal car but it reminds me of something Krusty the Clown would drive on The Simpsons or a toy car you’d see cruising around an amusement park. This Italian-made microcar is powered by a 250-cc 2-stroke Lambretta engine and has a somewhat complicated-looking convertible top. Why it even has a side mirror is beyond me but I guess it’s just another safety feature in addition to the flimsy chains that take the place of doors to hold you in place. If you’re interested in having the weirdest car to drive around your neighborhood, this Lawil S3 is for you. Check it out on eBay Motors where it has a Buy It Now price of $7,000.

Looking for a cool/weird/small van to do van things in? Well, this Diahatsu Mira van might be for you. For those not familiar with Diahatsus, the Mira is a small Japanese hatchback and this one has been converted into a small delivery van. Luckily, it has an aftermarket backup camera because this van conversion doesn’t have any rear windows, but it’s small enough that parking it probably isn’t much of an issue. To be honest, I’m really on the fence about whether this is cool or not. It’s certainly unique and fun to look at, but it only has one door and one seat so unless you really like delivering small amounts of things to people, I don’t really get the point. But hey, check it out for yourself on Craigslist and maybe you’ll find a use for it. If the ad gets pulled, you can also find information about this Diahatsu here.

Here’s a car that is equal parts weird and cool, in my opinion: the 1983 Talbot Matra Murena. It’s a lightweight, French-built sports car that features 3 bucket seats between its two doors. For a 36-year old fiberglass car built by an obscure French manufacturer, it seems to be in pretty good shape. The 2050-lb car is powered by a 2.2L Citroen engine producing about 115 hp, meaning it ought to be nimble and light on its feet even if it’s not particularly powerful. While $15,000 is a lot of money for an old car that would probably be a pain to find parts for, its rarity probably helps make up for some of the sticker shock. Learn more about the Talbot Matra Murena here in its Craigslist ad.

Perhaps the coolest car of the bunch is this incredibly rare 1989 Isdera Spyder 036i. One of just 30 036i’s produced, this is one of the 17 topless examples to be hand-built for customers. Originally intended to be a concept car for Mercedes-Benz, it’s no surprise that the 036i features a number of items from the MB parts bin, including the 3.0-liter inline-6 engine as well as the wheels and most of the lighting. The double-wishbone suspension was lifted from the Porsche 928. For those interested in learning more, Bring a Trailer did a lovely feature on the vehicle and it’s currently available for sale from Veni Vidi Vici in The Netherlands for $255,900.