Oddities, Eccentricities, and Aberrations – March 2018 Edition

I’ve always liked Caterhams because they’re raw and ridiculously fun to drive. For those people who want something barebones, fun, and tossable as the Caterham is known for, perhaps this one-off is the right car for them? Based on a Caterham CSR, it’s just called the “Ultimate Driving Machine” and it features angular new bodywork that encloses the wheels as well as the driver with a custom hardtop and butterfly doors. The looks might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m sure it’s still plenty of fun to drive!

Keeping things on the small and lightweight end of the spectrum, I’m kind of digging this little 1975 Mazda Chantez. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this pocket-sized hatchback but I’ve got to admit, it’s pretty neat looking; sort of like Mazda’s version of the Honda N600. The 359-cc two-stroke engine might only produce a whopping 32 hp but it only needs to propel a little over 1,000 lbs of weight.

Honestly, I’m stumped on how to feel about this thing. Both a ’92 Corvette and a ’67 Volvo P1800 gave their lives to become this… Thing. Functionally, it’s a Corvette underneath with P1800 bits and pieces adapted to the nose and tail. It’s not a particularly bad look but one must wonder what the thought process was that led to what we see here. Maybe the builder couldn’t figure out how to fit a V8 in a P1800 and this seemed like the next best idea?

Apparently, this 1991 Ford SkyRanger was one of 14 built by a small automotive customizer as a pitch to get Ford to offer it as a package through their dealer networks. Unfortunately, Ford passed on the concept and the company that built the SkyRanger went under after completing just a handful of builds. If you’re looking for a convertible pickup that isn’t a Chevy SSR, I don’t think there are many other options out there.

Before seeing this, I was much more familiar with BSA for their motorcycles but this 3-wheeler is pretty cool too. Morgan beat them to the punch by almost 2 decades but unlike the Morgan, this 3-wheeler is front-wheel drive. There just aren’t many details about this car on its eBay listing but Bring-A-Trailer has a little more info from when the car passed through their site last year.

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