Oddities, Eccentricities, and Aberrations – June 2018 Edition

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these but we scoured the internet to find all the weirdest cars for sale and we might as well start off this edition with a doozy. You’re looking at a Honda Street kei van with tracks, because… Why not? I don’t know if the engine’s been upgraded to keep up with the extra load of those big, heavy tracks but it looks awesome and would make the ultimate ski bum rig for someone. This would also be the perfect winter vehicle for a USPS worker since there’s plenty of room in the back for mail and you’d make it through the nastiest of snow storms. To learn more, head over to Unusual Auto’s website.

Speaking of weird, tiny Hondas, this 1972 Z600 coupe looks like it might be a good time. With those chrome wheels, hood scoop, and side pipes, it’s got plenty of attitude, even if it doesn’t have much power to back it up. Instead, the little sub-600cc, air-cooled two-cylinder pumps out a whopping 31 hp, good enough to get you to 70 MPH if you dare. This thing looks like a toy because it pretty much is.

There’s not much info available on this 1985 Renault Lesharo RV but, hey, just look at it! If that doesn’t look like a great RV to traverse the country in, we don’t know what does. Some might question the reliability of the Renault engine, and they’d probably be right to do so, but you could probably LS-swap it or something if you really wanted to. There aren’t any interior photos on the eBay listing but a trip to the seller’s website indicates that this RV looks pretty homely inside, with brown and beige finishing to match the exterior. Neat…

We bet you’ve never seen one of these before! You’re looking at a Ssang Yong Korando 4×4 and unless you can pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t be driving it. It takes Chinese reliability and engineering and pairs it with the ease of maintenance and low operating costs of a German drivetrain. Sounds like a winning combination, right? RIGHT?!? What could possibly go wrong? Anyway, it’d probably make for a decently quirky off-roader if you were willing to get stranded somewhere more often than not. But hey, it’s up in Canada, eh, so you could probably drive it home.

And to end things on a high note, this beautiful creation is a rebodied 1951 Aston Martin DB2. While we’re generally inclined to think that Aston Martin could do no wrong as far as styling went in the 1950s and 60s, this particular example trades in the signature Aston Martin grille that looked a bit like a wooly mustache on the original DB2 and gave it a slightly sportier, more cheerful look. We wish we had a little more information to go off of with this car but there’s an interesting story about how this car came to look the way it does on the seller’s website.

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