Check out this MONSTERBUS! Although the ad says its perfect for taking 22 of your best buds paintballing or booze cruisin’, I think it’d be ideal for transporting your buddies to and from Monster Jam. They could all hop out and go to their seats while you jump it over cars and do barrel rolls in it. What’s not to like? If you got your buddies to chip in on the $75k asking price, it almost starts to sound like a bargain…

You can call it the Trolls Royce or the Brexit Bruiser but there’s something rusticly cool about this ’79 Silver Shadow. Thanks to the magic of depreciation, old Rolls Royces are cheap enough that people are starting to have some fun with them and that’s no more evident than with this example which features a home-brew turbo kit, interesting body modifications, and a gutted interior. It’s certainly not as elegant or decadent as a stock Silver Shadow but it’s probably more fun to drive!

For being such a huge departure from original Cadillac this was based on, there’s something super cool about this 6-wheeled behemoth. Maybe it’s the impossibly long hood, the tiny cab, or the fact that it has four wheels behind the cab, but I’m kind of digging this thing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say what engine is lurking under that massive hood but I doubt there’s a V16 to make use of all those pipes coming out of the front fenders. Perhaps even cooler is that the car features a custom rumble seat where the trunk used to be located so your smaller passengers can get an imposing view over the roof along with the wind in their hair.

In case you wanted a different kind of six-wheeled vehicle, check out this custom 6×6 Polaris Ranger decked out by Starwood Motors in Dallas, TX. You’d probably have a tough time driving it on the street up here in MN but in its home state, I’d imagine you’d be good to go as long as you stay off the highways. In either case, this thing is tricked out to the max with an extra pair of driven wheels, tons of suspension travel, seating for four, and all sorts of extra lights and speakers to scare wildlife out of your way when you’re blasting down a trail.

I don’t know if it’s the color, or how it’s been perfectly restored and accessorized, but this 1931 Chevy tow truck is on point. I doubt anyone would try to tow anything with it today but for those that love the look, this thing has a lot going for it.