Welcome back to our monthly segment that highlights the most unique, interesting, and questionable cars for sale on the internet today. And boy howdy are we kicking things off with a doozy. I like beer as much as the next guy but I’m not sure I like it enough to want to drive a Corona car. Looks like this bottle-shaped car started life as an old VW Beetle floor pan or a failed Meyers Manx kit. And now it looks like a beer bottle. So there’s that. There’s only one picture in the ad and I can’t decide if I actually want to see more of this thing or not. Either way, I’m sure you’d be the only one to turn up at a car show in something like this.

If you own a funeral home and are looking for a more unique hearse or if you just appreciate Japanese woodworking and have a dark sense of humor, maybe this 1991 Toyota Crown hearse is right for you. Although I’m far from an expert on JDM vehicles, I do know that the Crown is one of Toyota’s more luxurious vehicles so it probably makes a really comfortable hearse too. I’m not sure how suited it is to funeral duty these days but maybe someone would take it overlanding? Looking under the hood, it makes me think this car is begging for a bit more power. Maybe someone will swap in a well-built 2JZ-GTE engine with 1000+ hp and rip some sub-10 second 1/4-mile pulls with this thing. Either way, you’ve got some options with this thing.

I’ll be honest, this car left me completely speechless. Normally, I can look at some custom car and get a sense for what they were going for but I’m having trouble with this one. The best way I can think of to describe it is as a neo-classical pimp-mobile based around a 1984 Camaro Z28. Which is interesting because my dad had an ’84 Z28 when I was growing up that I thought was really cool. This one though… It’s something else entirely. From the vampire-like front grille that looks like it’s munching on the license plate to the Zebra/Leopard fur interior, or fake side exhaust pipes and weird finned taillights, there are a lot of things to soak up on this car. Perhaps my favorite feature is the eagle’s head that is integrated into the top of the windshield. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Either way, it’s all yours for just $110,000!

Now that we got a few duds out of the way, let’s jump into something so obscenely out there that only the wealthiest of bitcoin barons could possibly commission a build of this magnitude. I’m talking about an open-wheel, hot rodded Lamborghini Espada. It’s definitely one of the wildest ideas I’ve ever seen on four wheels and for that, I kinda love it. Although it doesn’t look like it keeps much of the original car intact, it does still use the gorgeous Lamborghini V12. I’m especially intrigued by the interior which seems to be a stripped down homage to the OEM-styled seats that were custom formed in riveted aluminum. It’s certainly as unique as it is wild and something this unique doesn’t come cheap. That’s because this custom Lambo is $750,000. That’s… a lot.

Lastly, we’ll feature a really classy 1951 Ford Coupe that was built for SEMA. The whole car is finished to perfection with no detail left untouched. It’s a culmination of rare and expensive parts all artfully integrated into a beautifully sleek shell. Although I love the gorgeous lines on the outside, it’s the car’s interior that really shines here with delicate gauges, gorgeous leather seats that pay tribute to classic Ferraris, and a really unique shifter setup that looks like a pleasure to use. The custom-built Lincoln V8 under the hood looks clean enough to eat off of and I love the design of the magnesium knock-off wheels. Make sure you click the link above to check out the rest of the photos and you’ll see just what a perfect build this is.