Oddities, Eccentricities, and Aberrations – January 2018 Edition

We’re just going to jump right into the deep end of this month’s weird automotive finds with this thing: a 2009 Dobbertin Hydrocar. Believe it or not, this amphibious vehicle is one-of-a-kind, featuring hand-formed aluminum body panels, including the retractable pontoons on the sides that raise up to function as the Hydrocar’s fenders or lower 8″ to help it float on water. Apparently, it also features 4-wheel steering that allows the driver to choose between having the rear wheels follow the fronts or to turn the opposite direction. Plus, it has gullwing doors, so… there’s that.

I’ve heard of the Bradley GT before but didn’t realize the small fiberglass kit car maker had built a follow-up model. This Plymouth, Minnesota-based company originally built the GT-2 as a roomier, more luxurious version of the original GT. I’ve got to say, it’s actually pretty decent looking for what is essentially a ’70s Beetle floorpan underneath. Like the insane Dobbertin Hydrocar above, this Bradley GT-2 has gullwing doors as well.

If Cobras are too old-school or bare-bones but you want something similarly raw and exciting, this 2014 Lucra LC470 might be for you. For starters, I hope you like the color blue, because this thing is BLUE, but hey, so were a lot of Shelby Cobras! Unlike the Shelby Cobra, though, the Lucra has a body shell made entirely of carbon fiber with a 7-liter GM V8 under the hood from the C6 Corvette Z06. Also unlike the Cobra, the Lucra’s side-exit exhaust comes out just behind the front wheel, instead of under the doors, so no more worries about burning your legs getting in and out!

If you’ve always wanted a Corvette but they were just too impractical for you, maybe this is the perfect solution? Apparently, some Canadians thought it would be a good idea to take a low-slung Corvette and try to make it look more like a Chevy Nomad. I’ve seen people try to backdate C5’s to look more like C1 ‘Vettes before but I’ll admit, this is a first for me. Apparently, just six of these cars exist, and hopefully, they all stay in Canada.

In a recent Lap Around the Web, I posted a video about the Whittington Brothers and their Kremer-built Porsche 935s that dominated all of the big endurance races in their hey-day. Well now’s your chance to buy a Kremer 935 for yourself! Sure, $600k is a lot of money, but the seller offers financing and leasing! Who wouldn’t want to lease their race car? Maybe you could even get gap insurance for it in case you wreck it during the Monterey Historics or some other vintage racing schedule. Then again, Porsche Motorsports removed the original 3.4L engine at one point and instead fitted a 3.0L turbocharged flat-6 from a 962 instead, making it likely the fastest 935 out there.

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