8 01, 2019

Heritage Taproom Tour – Round One of 2019

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It’s a new year, but we’re coming back with the same blog. We’re back with some new rounds of the “Heritage Taproom Tour” for everyone to enjoy. We’ve had plenty of time to explore some new locations, enjoy a few fresh from the tap line brews and bring all that information back to you! So check out our newest and hottest spots to stop off this winter and grab a cold one. […]

13 07, 2018

Goodwood Festival of Speed – Man on the Ground

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You may remember our old good friend, Josh Karsten, who just happens to be at Goodwood this year and we’re all very jealous. Well, he’s our man on the ground at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week and he’s been sending us some amazing photos we just had to share! We’ll keep more coming as he sends them our way, but for now enjoy everything from his Mazda shuttle, self-driving Mustang, and an Aston Martin-powered V8 Cygnet. There’s plenty to see so stay tuned! […]

28 02, 2017

Heritage Taproom Tour: Round 6

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Just when you thought it was long gone, we’ve come back with the sixth edition of the Heritage Taproom Tour – and we’re pretty excited about this rounds picks! This month we are stopping off at some new spots around town. With the weather turning around now and winter being basically over (no thanks to that awful groundhog) we decided you’ll need to know where to go. Check it out and add one of these places to your must see brewery list for the upcoming patio season!   […]

27 12, 2016

Our 2017 Automotive Resolutions

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Alex: “Using my vehicles for their intended purposes” Between using my Porsche for hauling kegs and groceries and my lifted 4Runner as a commuter vehicle, I feel both vehicles are slightly under-utilized. That means I’m hoping to take the Porsche on some more spirited drives and bring it out to more track days while also spending more time taking the 4Runner on actual adventures that don’t involve ramming through snowbanks at the nearest mall. That means I need to get the ball rolling on a few projects this winter like installing a half cage and the Recaro I have sitting in my garage into the Porsche and re-engineering the storage system in the back of the 4Runner to make it usable as a bed when I go camping. […]

4 11, 2016

Who knew there’d be so many motorcycles at Vegas’ biggest car show?

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Normally when you go to one of the biggest car shows around you spend considerable time ogling the cars on display. This is true for 99.99999999% of attendees…that is unless you’re Adam. It seemed every time I turned around he was snapping another motorcycle picture. To his credit, there were a lot of neat bikes at the show. Let’s just hope he got some good car shots when he was there as well… […]

14 09, 2016

The Big, Great, Amazing, 5-Mile Journey in the Mini Horse

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Who doesn’t love moving? All the boxes being packed, everyone stressed about having too much stuff, trying to lift with the legs and not the back…It’s a mess. That is why I wanted to lend a hand to a friend who’s family was moving out of their house after being there for 30 some years. Also he has a classic motorcycle, so by default I’m in the hopper for helping, and also having access to a sweat heart of a truck doesn’t hurt anything. I love the mini truck. I call it “Mini Horse” because when you haul two people through the mountains in the middle of December, you can form a special bond with a vehicle and at that point it deserves nickname. Well this wasn’t a journey across the country, but it was a good excuse to stretch the Mini Horses legs and help out a friend in need. […]

23 08, 2016

Two Wheeled Tuesday: XR You Ready to Trail Ride?

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When you decide to take on a project sometimes the idea of that finished project just isn’t right. This is something I’ve noticed after what I’ve done with the last 4-6 motorcycles I’ve purchased, sold, purchased, sold, and, well..you get the idea. There is always more to be desired and really for me sometimes the chase is more exciting than the time spent sitting in the garage just looking at a bike. Wondering, “What have I done? Why did I buy this? What am I going to do with it now?” […]

17 08, 2016

Heritage Taproom Tour: Round 5

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We are into our fifth, say it with me, one,two,three,four, FIFTH!! edition now of the Heritage Taproom Tour and we couldn’t be any more excited about it. This month we are talking beer fests, North Loop and a trip possibly to Valley Fair. Check it out and make sure you have time to get to the beer gardens at the Minnesota State Fair to try out a bunch of different beers while sweating it out with fifty some thousand of your closet neighbors.   […]

11 07, 2016

Hertiage Taproom Tour: Round 4 (Summer Road Trip Edition)

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In the fourth edition of the Taproom Tour, our search for the perfect brewery takes us to Chicago, Grand Marais, Chippewa Falls and…Northeast Minneapolis. Gabe doesn’t get out much. That being said, making a pilgrimage to one of the breweries located outside of the Twin Cities would be a fantastic opportunity to participate in the Morrie’s Road Trip contest – just sayin’! Without further ado, LET’S GET IT ON: […]

11 07, 2016

That Old stuff is great, but that new stuff ain’t bad either

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  If you’ve ever met me there is a chance that myself or someone around me has mentioned that I like motorcycles. Old ones, new ones, fast ones, really slow ones, basically all types of two wheeled people movers. The other thing that I like about motorcycles is the option for customizing them. I just can’t seem to leave them alone. Now I’ve had my cafe racer at the “Dojo” for a while and finally got some time with Josh to get that bike running properly good enough for now. It seems like for a time the cafe bike was my preferred bike because of the styling, but I can feel the tides changing. I ordered up the fender eliminator kit and some other parts from outpost cycle and had my mind blown. How can such small parts make such a big difference I thought? How. Howwwwwwww. Well this is how. This bike now looks like how I wanted it to look since day one. Mean, raw and giving off the essence of, “yes it’s loud, yes it’s British and yes Sir it is still running.” Well maybe that isn’t right, but I’m putting the Café bike on the back burner for now and focusing on the Scrambler. […]

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