4 12, 2018

We’re Selling Our Trucks on Bring A Trailer

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If you’re not sure what Bring a Trailer is, then we can tell that you don’t waste hours of your week scrolling through the auctions like we do. It’s basically a website that auctions anything from classic vehicles to modern exotics, motorcycles, random cool old engines and basically anything else that’s cool! So we, of course, can’t stay away, and we’ve actually jumped to the other side of the auctions by listing a few vehicles on that site. Our 1977 Ford F-150 and our Ford Ranchero are up for auction with just a few hours left! So check them out below and see if you need to add them to your classic car fleet! […]

10 04, 2017

Morrie’s takes a bite out of the Big Apple – New York Auto Show

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That’s right, we’re heading to the NYIAS for the press days to bring you all the best content from the east coasts largest auto show. The New York International Auto Show has been gaining ground as one of the most prominent auto shows in the U.S. with a ton of big reveals and unveilings from all of the top brands. We’ll be at the show Wednesday and Thursday, so if you want to follow us around and see what we see, follow @MorriesAuto on Instagram and Morrie’s Automotive Group on YouTube. We’ll have a full recap once we’re back next week, but until then if you see something that you want a deeper dive on, grab us on Twitter and we’ll make it happen! […]

18 11, 2016

Heritage in Hibernation

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As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Sadly, that (temporarily) applies to MHCC cars. We had an absolutely awesome season, with cars going out for weddings, anniversaries, reunions and fun days out! Since it can be very stressful being away from something you love for a few months, we wanted to keep you updated on what happens when Heritage is in hibernation. […]

27 01, 2016

Our Top Picks at the 2016 Scottsdale Auctions

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  We thought with the auction season kicking off in Scottsdale this week we would cover a few of our highlights from what the various auction houses have to offer. While our picks are not necessarily the high dollar vehicles, we’ve assembled a list of interesting cars that we’d love to own. The Scottsdale auctions originally started in 1967 when Russ Jackson and Tom Barrett presented “Fiesta del Auto Elegance” to raise money for local charities. Today, the Scottsdale auctions are held by many of the auction houses, while events are held all week long and the bigger lots are auctioned off over the weekends. […]

18 12, 2015

Lap Around the Web – Week of 12/13/15

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  When you own one of the pre-eminent classic car insurance providers you get exposed to some of the neatest cars in existence and collect some truly fascinating data on vehicle valuations. Petrolicious had the opportunity to sit down with that man -- McKeel Hagerty -- and ask him the tough questions. See what he had to say about auction fixing, Porsches and building your dream collection. You’ve all probably seen that late model import in the mall parking lot. You know, the one sporting a ridiculous rear wing that makes it look like a shopping cart. While it provides no functional value in this instance there are indeed aerodynamic aids that appear equally ridiculous, but are remarkably functional. What do you think of the most ridiculous aerodynamics in motorsport? Every week Autoweek features a “Junkyard Treasure” and running across this brown beauty got us all emotional thinking about the 4WD Tercel Wagon we once had. We put together this heartfelt tribute to it and we thought sharing it was only fitting. Although it is gone it will never be forgotten. Jeff Zwart gives the phrase over the river and through woods a whole new meaning as he races up Pikes Peak in his turbocharged Porsche 911 GT3 at a record pace. If you get nervous even thinking about driving on mountain passes you better skip ahead. If you’re into turbo whooshes, Rocky Mountain highs and precipitous drops it’s best that you click the link above immediately.

8 12, 2015

25 Hours, 1,641 Miles and Just Over An Hour of Sleep

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  I’ve been involved in auto racing since I was a kid and look forward to every opportunity I can get behind the wheel. I’ve had a lot of great experiences, but none of them can even come close to racing at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. There’s truly something special about the race, the energy, camaraderie and effort required to cross the checkered flag at the end of the race. It’s truly a team effort and it certainly couldn’t be done without the tireless efforts Mazda, the Robert Davis Racing team and everyone else involved. Many thanks to all of them for contributing to another wonderful 25. This was my second year driving with Mazda at Thunderhill. You can read a bit about my first year here, otherwise I’ll give you a quick overview of the event before jumping specifically into my experience the second time around. Long story short, the 25 Hours of Thunderhill is the longest endurance race in the United States spanning two rotations around the clock plus one hour. It serves as the last big racing hurrah of the season and for this reason it draws a big crowd. While amateur in nature, the event regularly draws a number of professional teams that compete in endurance series, touring car series and elsewhere. This year alone over 25 professional drivers participated in the race that began at 11am on Saturday and ended on noon on Sunday. While 70 odd cars started the race, many didn’t make [...]

30 11, 2015

Lap Around the Web – Week of 11/30/15

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Quite possibly the only thing better than showing up to your favorite race track with a bonkers race car is showing up with an equally impressive transporter. Sure you could go with a nice enclosed trailer or better yet a glistening toter home, but if you ask us the best way to arrive in style is with a matching vintage transporter. Not sure where to find such a combo? You can start by bidding on this Porsche 935 and Porsche replica transporter package If Thanksgiving didn't kickstart your holiday spirit and get you ready for the holiday we have something that might help. It's our Holiday Gift Guide and it's our best one ever. In all fairness it's our first one ever, but still we're sure you'll find something you like on it. As automotive technology has advanced we've lost some great features along the way.  Oftentimes it's the quirks in car that makes them so fulfilling to drive, yet automotive advancement has eliminated many of them.  Click here to learn more about some useful yet quirky automotive features that have disappeared in the name of progress. This week Adam and Josh embark on their excellent adventure from Seattle to Minneapolis in a vintage Mazda Rotary Pickup. Some say they're crazy, however there are far crazier road trips out there. Take this world record run from LA to New York in a Morgan 3-wheeler. It's hard to imagine more than an hour or two driving in an open-top Morgan 3-wheeler let alone nearly 42. Luckily you can [...]

25 11, 2015

Lap Around the Web – Week of November 23rd

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People in most automotive circles consider Chris Harris a journalistic God. It's only natural then that he is the first person to have ever reviewed the automotive holy trinity all at once.  That's right, he assembled the Porsche 918, Ferrari La Ferrari and McLaren P1 to determine which one is best. It is your automotive obligation to watch the video review in its entirety and the results may surprise you. All we know is that we'll have to dig for changes in a lot of couches to buy one of each.   In our quest to find the best gifts for this holiday season we ran across the Cool Material website. If any website could singlehandedly empty our bank accounts and keep us transfixed for an entire afternoon this would be the site. Cool Material hand selects a unique collection of well-made goods from a number of small companies. Mention the words Black Friday shopping around us and we generally get a little bit queasy. As if mall parking lots weren’t filled with enough bad drivers on a normal shopping day big business has to draw a gazillion deal crazed motorists to the mall on Black Friday. What if that wasn’t the case?  What if you could have the entire mall to yourself for an early morning drift session? Now that you’ve imagined what it might be like experience it for yourself here. The Lamborghini LM002 was anything but conventional – it was a desert cruising brute that quickly earned the nickname “Rambo Lambo.” Consider it the automotive indulgence for [...]

29 10, 2015

A Lap Around the Web – Thing that got our motor revving this week.

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  You may have heard that it was a complete wash out at the Us Grand Prix this past weekend in Austin, but did you hear about some of the creative activities the pit crews came up with between rain delays? One team used spare car parts as a Frisbee. Red Bull created a makeshift bowling alley with Red Bull cans as pins. The Force India perhaps was the most creative creating their own bobsled that they raced up and down pit lane. Generally we tend to agree with the various “worst cars” lists that publishers put together, however this time around we have to put our foot down. There is one car in Road and Track’s 12 of the Most Embarrassing Cars Ever Built list that we just don’t’ agree with. Care to guess which one it is? We’ll give you a hint. There are no less than four owned by the MHHC team. If you’re anything like us you’ve probably been known to troll Craigslist looking for hidden automotive treasure. Occasionally you find one, but in most cases all you find is junk. To honor the junk out there we present you with the ten crappiest cars on Craigslist right now. Still not compelled to click the link? You’ll be missing out on the answer to a question nobody every asked – what would a Harley engine Geo Metro three wheeler look like? Continuing with the theme, some people say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. [...]