With New Years right around the corner, we all wanted to compile a list of our automotive resolutions. Good, bad, or just plain silly, we put our list together below for all to share and see. Comment below and let us know what your automotive New Year’s resolution will be!

Adam, MHCC Program Manager and two-wheeled aficionado

I’ve had a few resolutions over the past few years and I believe I’m one for two overall, which really ain’t bad! This year though I’ve decided on the perfect automotive goal for me. My goal is to complete one automotive/motorcycle project that involves at least 4 hours worth of work. I know it sounds silly, but this one is for me. I’m not talking about MHCC vehicles, but just do one project for myself on one of my personal vehicles. Maybe I’ll add something to the 914, or set up the pit bike I recently acquired for trail and street riding. The possibilities are endless, but my goal is to just make it happen!


Alex B., Content Man

Well, since the beginning of 2018, there have been some shakeups with my little fleet. I sold my wife’s 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider on BaT and replaced my 5-spd manual 1999 Toyota 4Runner with a bright yellow 2007 FJ Cruiser. I also bought back my old 1994 Miata that I owned 6 years ago. My goal last year was to find storage for all of my fun cars and although my plan worked out last winter with being able to stash a car with my parents, they moved this past fall. Luckily, I found a place to stash an extra car this winter but come spring, I’ll have to figure something else out. I tried reducing the fleet to four cars but that didn’t last for long. So I think my resolution for 2019 is going to be to take a page from Adam’s book and try to go a year without buying any new vehicles. If I sell one, that’s all the better, but I’m going to try my best not to spend money on another vehicle in 2019 outside of maintenance or modifications. It should be an easy resolution to stick to but carcaine is a helluva drug…


Ben, Man of Many Automotive Projects

My 2019 automotive resolution is to get out and drive. This past year I put all of 500 miles on my 914 and my VW bus didn’t turn a wheel at all. The latter was due to mechanical woes and lack of time to get it roadworthy. In 2019 I need to get both out on the road. A lot. My son loves to go for rides in the 914 and my daughter has been begging to get the bus back on the road. The best automotive memories are made with loved ones, so I need to jump into getting both cars running like clocks before Spring rolls around. Rights after I finish the basement remodel….


Claire, Marketing Intern

My New Year resolution for my car is to remove my winter tires during the Summer this year.  Being car girl, it’s quite shaming that I drive a Corolla, then stack on the fact that I’ve been driving on snow tires for 13 months straight. Yes, I know, my credibility is depleted. To further my resolution, I want to save X amount of money every paycheck to put toward a new car – someday I’ll drive an orange and black Porsche GT3 RS, just wait.