New MHCC Vehicle: An Unusual 1971 Chevrolet Corvette

We went, we saw, we bought. Simple as that. We won’t bore you with all the technical specs, but we do want to show off a few photos before our new (to us) 1971 Corvette makes its way down to the big city. After this year, we decided we’d like to add a few new vehicles to our fleet to keep things fresh. So fresh in fact, that we didn’t even keep the old motor that was in this 1971 Corvette, –  it’s replaced with what would have been in a 2002 Camaro! So to everyone that asked we had a Corvette last year, yes, yes we do – and a pretty sweet one at that. Let’s take a closer look at this new acquisition for MHCC.

We knew a Corvette was a must-have vehicle to add, and finding one locally was a miracle in itself. We were adamant about getting something that was turn-key ready, and that’s exactly what we found. Jim Brink is well-known in the LS swapping community, in addition to being a distinguished muscle car hot-rod builder. Seriously, Google his name and you’ll see a handful of amazing builds that are over the top when it comes to the time and effort put into each one. So much so, that he decided to part with his LS-powered Vette to begin work on an old pickup truck – and guess what it’ll have for an engine?

Jim was kind enough to show us around his shop that houses some pretty unusual and amazing LS swapped vehicles. The first being his, “plow truck” which was nothing less than a LS-swapped Jeep Wrangler. He bought it, tore it down to the frame, and then put it all back together in a fashion that we’d consider much improved upon the original.

The next building was home to a BMW that was actually purchased from the Morrie’s Minnetonka Subaru store a while back. This was a pretty clean and respectable vehicle from the factory, but now it’s powered by a 380whp LS engine. The fitment was actually pretty surprising, and how good that Corvette valve covered engine looked sitting in that BMW nose was astonishing. He fired it up and since the engine had a little extra work done to it, Ben and I both agreed that we would certainly like a go behind the wheel.

After we ran out of LS swapped vehicles to explore we made the road trip back to Minneapolis in our Defender 90 and chatted about how great our new Corvette was going to be. As we patiently await the arrival date of our new vehicle make sure to stay posted to our social channels where we’ll follow up with a few more photos!

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