New additions to the MHCC fleet

6 12, 2018

Two Guys and a Miata: Say Hello To Project Rudolph

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Missing our white 2013 Mazda MX-5 Club ever since we sold it, we’ve been considering a suitable replacement for quite awhile. These small, lightweight roadsters are just so fun to drive, they have a way of getting under your skin, which is precisely why we’ve been casually looking for an early Miata ever since. The sharing of Craigslist ads for NA and NB Miatas became nearly a weekly occurrence over the summer until we finally found the perfect example right in our own backyard: a bright red 1990 Mazda Miata with a factory hardtop. This two-owner example appeared to be meticulously cared for over its 130k miles of use and was just recently traded into our Morrie’s Chippewa Valley Mazda store for a new Mazda6. […]

8 03, 2017

When Persistence Pays Off, you “Bring a Trailer”

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Surprise! It’s a 1966 Jaguar XKE Series 1 You may have all read our exciting auction blog while we were bidding on the 1966 Jaguar XKE via Bring a Trailer. I had talked with the seller during auction to get a better feeling for him and the car. It’s funny how well it works vetting a car over the phone – you can really tell a lot about a car by its owner and the way they speak about it. This was a case where he quickly put me at ease, saying all the right things without being prompted. After we lost the auction to the secret reserve (not going to tell), my intention was to give it a little time, then reach back out to see what his price was. I frankly forgot to call, but then, he called me. “That’s great” I thought, “he actually wanted to sell the car to us!” I asked him what he wanted and he told me what his reserve was – to which I said “is that the price?” To which he replied, “well, lets talk tomorrow.” […]

7 02, 2017

Adventures in online bidding and other MHCC fleet enhancement activities

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Call it a mid-winter crisis or perhaps a serious case of garage fever. Whatever it is we’re itching for warmer weather and to make some strategic adjustments to our rental car fleet in advance of our season launch this spring. Our conscious told us we’d have to sell some cars before we add new cars so we set about doing so. Earlier this week we launched our first foray into selling a car on Bring-A-Trailer (BAT). If you consider yourself a car guy/gal you’ve certainly heard of BAT. If not do yourself a favor and think twice before getting to know the site. It’s like a drug for the serious car junkie. It will take up a lot of your time, fueling endless daily diversions and automotive day dreaming. Anyway getting back on topic, we listed our silver Datsun 280ZX on Bring-A-Trailer and while the jury is still out, it seems that we’re off to a great start. Six days and counting until the auction closes. […]

25 05, 2016

Boba Fett Has Nothing on Us – Our Drone aka “Slave I”

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This isn’t what it looks like. We wish it did. We bought a drone and I can’t help but think every time we fly it that I’m flying the future of technology. As much as you might agree or disagree, it’s most likely true. The drone was bought by our team to help aid in adding another aspect to our video content that can really set things over the top. Imagine flying over a racetrack, over a lake, or even flying through a field chasing someone! We did all of this in the first four days we had the drone…the future is now. We decided to name our drone (and license it with the FAA) under the name of Slave I, which in case you didn’t know was the ship that Jango Fett used before the Clone Wars in Star Wars. This ship later came into possession of his Son, Boba Fett, after Jango’s death during the Battle of Geonosis. The ship was highly modified from a Firesrapy-Class patrol and attack ship originally designed for planetary law-enforcement. When you look at it’s Class 1 Hyperdrive or the aspect of it landing engines down, plus it being totally BA, we assumed we couldn’t think of a better name for our drone, Slave I. […]

10 05, 2016

We must confess, we’ve been hiding something

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Last week we introduced the latest addition to the MHCC fleet, a stunning Maserati Gran Turismo convertible. Truth is we added two cars, but we selfishly stashed the second away for ourselves last weekend. We figured we've spent enough time ogling the car alone that we can make the official introduction. We're excited to announce the addition of the 2008 Aston Martin DB9 pictured below. Those stunning good looks are backed up by an intoxicating 6.0 liter V12. Needless to say it has the "show" and the "go."  Interested in reserving the Aston for a weekend? Send a note to

5 05, 2016

MHCC’s Latest Addition: 2011 Maserati GranTurismo C

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Spring has sprung and we figured the best way to embrace the nature around us blooming to life is with a new Maserati.  That’s right, we’re adding more luxury vehicles this year and we’re pleased to announce the addition of a GranTurismo C (the “C” stands for convertible, in case you were wondering) to the MHCC fleet. As of right now it’s still available this weekend, but that’s sure to change. So if you’re looking to spend the night with this Italian model we’re saying there’s a chance. Have another one on your mind? […]

1 03, 2016

Should they stay or should they tow?

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It’s always been our plan to cycle cars in and out of the MHCC fleet to keep things fresh and appeal to potential renters’ interest.  Last week we assembled a small group of MHCC members, staff, friends and familty to permanently seal the fate for a handful of our cars in what we called “Should they stay or should they go.”  (Cue the Clash song on the stereo) Attendees were given a list of eight cars to vote out of the fleet.  Each person had three votes.  When the votes were tallied it was clear that three cars will be moving on. The first is the 1993 Cadillac Allante.  It’s a really nice car, but there’s been little interest in it. […]

30 11, 2015

New Addition: 1977 Mazda Rotary Engine Pickup (REPU)

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We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our Morrie’s Heritage rental fleet: a 1977 Mazda Rotary Engine Pick Up. This beautiful REPU has just gone through an almost 5-year overhaul and restoration that has made it one of the nicest specimens of this truck we have seen. The most notable feature is the paint job, which is the original Mazda Skyish Blue. When you look at the stance of the truck, you’ll notice it sits a bit lower than stock based on the Bilstein coilovers up front, de-arched springs with 2 leafs removed in the rear, and adjustable air shocks. […]

18 11, 2015

eBay Oddities, Eccentricities and Aberrations

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Classic car ownership is funny. Even when you have 32 cars tucked away in a warehouse you still find yourself scouring the web for another car, or at least that’s what we find ourselves doing. From time to time we run across some gems, but in many cases we find quite the opposite.   This week we introduce you to our intriguing eBay finds for the week including a 50’s cool travel trailer, a French race cars no-one’s ever heard of and the pinnacle of Rocky Mountain chic.     If you’re looing for a vintage classic that has a bit more utility look no further than this 1955 Gibson travel trailer. This trailer oozes 50’s cool and it should --- it was built right in Hollywood during the height of So-Cal’s heyday. If the $15k price seems high bear in mind it’s been restored. Oh, and if you’ve priced out an Airstream lately this thing appears to be a bargain. It would sure look nice hitched up to a classic Bronco.     If camping isn’t your thing and you’re more into eccentric European rarities we have a car for you. Until we ran across this car, we knew nothing of the Matra Murena.   Turns out it’s French, is mid-engined and rear wheel drive. Throw some yellow paint into the mix and an odd three front seat layout and we’re intrigued. Would we drive it in public? Probably not.     Rocky Mountain Chic is what we would label this [...]

28 07, 2015

A drive down memory lane in the latest addition to the MHCC fleet

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It’s hard to deny the iconic status of the Porsche 911. The car that adorned the walls of many high-schoolers is now getting stuffed in their grown up garages. Prices have skyrocketed and if you find the right car you have to pounce on it. We did just that with this one. A local car since new, this car is in impeccable shape with just over 70k miles. An enthusiasts car, it has been driven how it should and maintained fastidiously. I’d argue that it the car drives as well as it did the day it hit the showroom floor. I don’t have a Delorean with a flux-capacitor at my disposal, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it. The 911 is a car that has a special place in my heart. In the 1980s I had more than one 911 image plastered on wall. I watched them race at Brainerd International Raceway as a kid and read every magazine article I could about them. I even inadvertently put a nasty dent in one, but that’s another story. I was fortunate enough to experience a 911 firsthand as a kid, albeit in the back seat of my dad’s car. No matter how cramped and uncomfortable it was in that backseat I always looked forward to hopping into it, even on the numerous road trips we took. More often than not they were to Brainerd or Road America for car races of some sort. Needless to say [...]

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