Morrie’s Festival of Speed – What is it Really Like to Go to the Track Day?

Sure, you’ve considered signing up for the track day, but you just really aren’t sure you’re fully ready to hit the track. Maybe you’re nervous you won’t have any idea what you’re doing out there? Maybe you don’t think that your late model BMW, Mustang, or daily driver would be any fun? I’m here to tell you that you’d be completely wrong. I’ve driven many vehicles on track that could be considered daily drivers, and you just don’t get the full experience driving on the road like you do on an open racetrack. So I wanted to break down a few things for you on what to expect at the Morrie’s Festival of Speed, and why you should consider signing up!

So lets start with what you do during that track day. First it begins with a simple arrival and some paperwork. After you get your ducks in a row you have the option to hop into a vehicle with a professional driver and go for some quick hot laps around the track. They’ll explain the pit entrance and exits and how you should go about your day once on the racetrack. Next you’ll head into the classroom where you’ll sit through about an hour session of how it’s all going to work. What the flags all mean, where to go on track, and the best practices for being safe throughout the day. Next you’ll be paired up with a professional who will go on track with you while you discover the joy of being on a real racetrack.

As you become more comfortable throughout the day, you’ll be able to spend time in your own vehicle on the track. Getting a feel for the braking points, the acceleration of your own vehicle and even how to find that perfect apex. At September’s track day, we’re offering upgradable “hot laps” in some amazing vehicles where you can try your hand at something a little different than you’re used to. If that’s not your cup of tea, you’re more than welcome to continue taking sessions around the track. There are two sessions running all day with a nice break for lunch to enjoy a meal and some cool down time.

I’ve been around racetracks for years, but haven’t always been the one racing around. Until recently I never knew the excitement, joy and passion that can flow through you when you’re out there. The sound of the motor revving, the tires squealing, and that unforgettable smell of warming the brakes a little too much can stay with you. It’s intoxicating to say the least, and it keeps you wanting to come back for more. Even when we took our Kia Soul corporate loaners around the track for some warm-ups, you’re still having a blast! Sometimes the cars that need to be worked harder are more rewarding in the long run! So don’t fret if you don’t have an Aston Martin, or a Ferrari, anything you bring is still guaranteed to be a good time. I seriously had more fun in the 914 than I did in the 911 because the sense of accomplishment learning how to be quick is way better than just going fast! Just be safe, learn how to control your vehicle, and have fun while doing it.

So if you’re considering heading up to BIR with the MHCC crew and spending an afternoon driving around the track with some daily drivers, amazing exotics and everything in between, you’re in luck. You can sign up for our track day today and if you have any additional questions make sure to reach out. We’re more than happy to get you all the information you’d need! You’ll find yourself waiting for the next event like we do each year, and maybe even sneaking up to the track for a few open track days in between.

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