As I rolled out of bed this past Sunday at 6:45AM, I was rather disappointed. The slight patter of rain against my window gave me a queasy feeling of anxiety as I knew the car show ahead of me was going to have a slim turnout. Rain always made for odd car shows. Why can one not drive their sports car with perfectly good tires in the rain? Was it the fear of crashing or the fear of being crashed into? Either way, this thought has always baffled me. As I hop in my car and drive from St. Paul to Morrie’s Ultra Luxury Auto, the rain does not let up. My feelings of doubt of this car show even happening are growing stronger by the minute, while my hopes of super cars turning out to the show are ever diminishing. I arrive at MULA, hop into a dark blue Bentley Bentayga and sit in comfort as we caravan to downtown Minneapolis in the rain.

Upon arrival, my fears had been reality. Although the show did not start for a while, we were the first ones in our section, specifically the super car section. But the endless row of different car sections was rather a spectacle. A mile of blocked off street in downtown Minneapolis is not something you see every day and I commend the guys at MNCEC for coordinating something this impressive. We unpack our tent, put it up, and promptly take it down due to the high winds. Throwing the tent back into the Bentley, I notice a few cars pulling in. Then more cars, and eventually a hefty build up of cars are rolling into the show. The wind calms down, the rain stops, and even the sun makes a much wanted appearance. Everything was falling perfectly into place.

Every block of the show was split into different brands and automakers. For instance, one block was built up of BMW’s and another block built up of Ford’s. The show made a true convergence of Minnesota car culture and its very entertaining to see a massive community built into many sub groups come together. One of these sub groups that surprised me was Lexus. I have always liked Lexus but never took them too seriously as a major sports car or tuner car manufacturer. Lexus has a strange vibe that puts their cars on a scale of not quite as sporty as a German import, but as sportier than the likes of a Subaru WRX for instance. This odd gap is something I have never fully wrapped my head around but the small amount of RC-F’s at this show blew my mind. Thes cars were extremely modified and all were fitted with gaudy but epic amounts of carbon fiber. This red RC-F had a full Carbon hood, front splitter, side skirts, and rear wing. No matter where Lexus sits on the automotive scale, they can make for truly impressive builds.

A prime star of the show was a bright orange Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. As I was walking down the street, I heard an echoing scream coming from an engine. I have heard many Aventadors and the whine of that wicked V12 never gets old. He was coming past me and I squatted down to try and snag a photo or two as he rolled by. Apparently the owner of this orange bull noticed me and promptly stopped for roughly 15-20 seconds to let me get my photos. He then gave it a mean rev and was on his way. I commend you kind sir.

Making my way back to the Morrie’s Ultra Luxury Auto cars, this Nissan R32 GTR caught my eye. I have always loved R32’s and as I got closer, I noticed that this car was extremely clean. When looking around the car in more detail, I noticed the Cali plates and TopRank Importer license plate frame. TopRank imports some of the cleanest JDM legends from Japan and also some of the most unique Japanese cars ever made. This example was by far the cleanest R32 GTR I have seen to date and was sitting on a gorgeous pair of white Volk TE-37s. Among this GTR was a mid 90’s GTS-T which is also a very unique car.

Eventually the sun faded and the rain returned and we decided it was time to get the Aston and Bentley back to the dealership. Being 20 years old, it is rare that one sees someone of this age climbing behind the wheel of a $200k Bentley SUV. Some of the looks I got while climbing into the drivers seat were priceless. The drive back to dealership made for a good time of reflection upon the show and I came to nice conclusion. The Minneapolis Mile Car Show is something that isn’t done too often. Although we have Cars and Coffee, this show was just different. It brought together one sprawling community for a day of celebration of everything automobile and that is what is gorgeous about the Minnesota car community. It is a place for friendship, belonging, and craftsmanship and that is something that is truly wonderful. I cannot wait to attend The Minneapolis Mile 2020 and yet again bask in what is Minnesota car culture.