Being that the winter isn’t the busiest time for MHCC, I had some spare time to sneak down on a road trip to the 2019 Chicago Auto Show. Mercedes-Benz of St. Paul hooked us up with a brand new GLC (which you can read about here) and we made the trek East. I was blown away at some of the classics that had stolen the spotlight at the show! Up sitting on stages, right in the center of the booths, the vintage, and classic cars had taken the cake! Not only the classics, but some of the manufacturer’s race cars were stunning to see up close and in person.

From a cool old school Chicago PD squad car to the hyper-cool race car Caddy’s, Chicago brought some serious heat! Ok, so I’m also going to add some cool other not-so-classic cars, but it’s worth checking out so I wanted to include them. So check out our photo gallery below, and if you make it to the show let us know your favorite classic or race car that you saw.