I was able to work my way through a number of math classes while receiving a college education, but that’s not to say I’m any good at math. Here is what I remember; cash is king & debt is good. Thank you Bill Kryshak wherever you may be, I’ll will never forget my (definitely not hungover at all) Friday 8:00AM finance courses. Back to the point at hand, I’ve gone and done it again. Like a junky who hit the lotto this addiction will not be fed with drugs, but rather leaky carbs.


Let me introduce you to lè Coug 02…a 46 year old ornery Cb350 twin that is the newest oldest bike on the block. I continued to tell my dad that if a 1968-70 split tank pops up I was going to jump at the opportunity to make it mine and not mess it up by cafe racer-izing it. So that is where my heart hopefully will lead this bike pending they’re no serious issues. It’s a 1970 which was originally a California bike and has been in Minnesota since the 80’s.The former owner was a classic truck and motorcycle enthusiast which is always good to see and he seemed really excited about the Heritage program after a brief chat. Of course I had to show off some “mini-horse” mini truck photos like it was my newborn child and he laughed and entertained me like he cared which was nice. We chatted on and as we did I kept finding more and more things that needed a bit of work here, or a new part there. I mentally was assuring myself that this was more than I wanted to take on, but once you’re into it the addiction weighs heavy. Now this is the point of the story in which everything slowly falls apart.


The tires look to be the originals and the tank shows a massive amount of “patina” which might be a bit much to overcome. Now this is where the story I originally wrote would be so lovely, but not all stories have happy endings. I went home the night after I wrote this blog and spent the better half of a few hours cleaning all the chrome and thinking it looked like a nice trophy wife. You know the one with enough makeup on to finally head off to Starbucks in Beverly Hills and pick up a half-caf double pump yada yada mochalattechinosir-mix-a-lot whatever drink. The rain let up so I took it out of the garage and fired it up to see if I could get those carbs sorted out. About a minute or so into running I heard a soft bang and that was it. Oil pouring everywhere and it was all my hopes and ambitions for the bike gone. It’s heart was literally laying in oil on the ground. I was crushed. The motor cracked right at the head and the motor was mostly toast in my mind for what I wanted to put into the bike.


So now as I sit and decide what to do next I hope that a lesson will be learned from all this, but do you think Picasso painted the Mona Lisa or whatever after his first try? No. (Also not an art major by any means) I’m going to do my homework and see what can be done. Worst case the bike becomes a permanent art fixture because how can you not love the retro style of these old Honda’s? Also I have a perfectly well functioning motorcycle so screw it! Just like James Bond always have a backup plan…or backup Scrambler.

UPDATE: I put the bike on Craigslist and had it sold before the end of MNC&C Saturday morning. The next owner was going to do a frame down resto-mod and I couldn’t be happier for him. That being said I spent some time in the Porsche 911 and that made me much much happier. Thank you Morrie’s Heritage for that boost in morale!