We recently had the chance to meet with Brian, the part owner of Patience Metal Fabrication. After honing his skills as an automotive technician and learning fabrication along the way, he left his technician life behind to focus on fabricating parts for race cars and other custom projects. The reason for our visit is to see Ben’s Porsche 914-6 racecar as it’s undergoing some reconstructive surgery. Brian was kind enough to show us around the shop and answer a few questions in the interview below.


Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection: Hey Brian, how long has Patience Metal Fabrication been in business.

Patience Metal Fabrication: We’ve been in business since 2010.
MHCC: What sort of projects do you work on here?
PMF: We work on anything from street rods to hot rods to race cars. Motorsport fabrication is our specialty. Full bumper to bumper mechanical fabrication. Roll cages are our specialty. That’s kind of what we’re known for. [We also fabricate] steering and suspensions. [We can] custom weld stainless steel, titanium, and chromoly tube fabrication.
MHCC: Do you have any favorite projects that you’ve worked on over the years?
PMF: I definitely have some favorite project.s I wouldn’t want to discriminate on anything because we like everything we work on but a few favorite projects would be the 2012 BOSS Mustang that we’ve turned into a full-on race car. We’ve also done a 2015 Jeep Wrangler that turned into a king of the hammers race truck. That was a pretty fun project here earlier this year. Those are probably the biggest ones we’ve seen. We’ve also done a lot of SCCA and NASA chassis. We’ve also done some drag race stuff and done a handful of pro-level drift cars. But most of what we do is catered around motorsports fabrication.
MHCC: Tell me a little more about your shop project: the Nissan 240SX that you’ve been working on.
PMF: So the shop project we have going on is something we’ve kept under wraps for a little bit now. It started as your basic 240SX that we all-wheel-drive swapped it from a [Nissan Skyline] GT-R driveline on. So we acquired a half cut R33 GT-R and had it shipped over and then we layered it from there, removing the floor pan, strut towers, and frame rails as one cut and then basically sync it up underneath the 240 chassis to obtain all the GT-R suspension geometry. So it’ll be having both front and rear subframes from the GT-R and then the wheelbase was shortened to accommodate the [240SX’s] S13 chassis. It’ll be powered by an RB26/30 with all-wheel-drive in a 240SX.
MHCC: What are you guys working on with Ben’s Porsche 914-6?
PMF: Ben’s 914 came in for the passenger rear console replacement which seems to be a problem area for that car, from what I’ve learned. So basically what we did is attempted to go in and repair what should have been done many years ago. So he brought us the new console piece and then we had to go in and actually remove some of the previous work to make this install a little bit more correct and safe. So what we’ve done for him is kind of patched up another repair that should have been done many years ago. We made more solid repairs than what’s been previously done to it. You can tell this car had quite the history behind it from being a race car since pretty much new. So what we did we all feel pretty good about.
MHCC: Awesome! Thanks for your time.
To keep up to date with what Patience Metal Fabrication is working on, check out their website.