Lap Around the Web – Nov. 20th

One of the most interesting race weekends that nobody knows about took place this past weekend in Macau. The Macau Grand Prix is one of the most difficult and dangerous races on the calendar for a wide range of series, offering motorcycle, open wheel, and touring car races on the narrow and barrier-filled street circuit. With such close quarters and zero runoff areas, there’s no room for error and nearly every race features its fair share of disastrous crashes. This year we saw a huge GT-class crash that took out all but four cars and watched the first and second place drivers in the Formula 3 race crash on the last corner of the last lap of their race. It may be dangerous but oh boy is it exciting!

I love a good road trip, especially when it’s remote and far away from home. I also love driving around Iceland, but when I went last year I don’t think my rental car was quite up for the challenge that the guys from Expeditions 7 took on. Behind the wheel of a pair of heavily modified Land Cruisers, these daring adventurers headed inland, into one of the most inhospitable trails on earth. It looks every bit as beautiful as it is challenging. From glaciers to volcanos, these guys saw it all and it sounds like a good learning experience before they head to Antarctica as well as attempt to cross Europe’s largest glacier in the near future.

Speaking of awe-inspiring road trips, it’s been fun to follow John Montessi and his dog Hank’s journey from Texas to Alaska in an old Toyota FJ62 Landcruiser. With thousands of miles under their belts, they’ve finally reached Alaska and John thought it would be a good idea to dip his toes into the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean. And if you’re going to do that, you might as well drive up to the northern-most point of the US: Prudhoe Bay, AK. While it’s been a long journey to get to Fairbanks in the heart of Alaska, the last 600ish miles to the coast proved to be some of the most challenging. Check out his latest installment in his road trip story and read about his past endeavors over on Petrolicious.

As a young lawyer, Ralph Nader famously stated that the Chevy Corvair was “unsafe at any speed”. The quirky, rear-engined car had a revolutionary design at the time and offered interesting handling dynamics compared to anything else on the market at the time. But does that mean the car was actually dangerous to drive? The team at Hagerty recently took it upon themselves to put that rumor to bed, once and for all, and ironically, they did it in the exact Corvair that was once owned by Ralph Nader himself.

And finally, who hasn’t dreamt of driving their favorite race car on the street? Or better yet, tackling some beautiful, twisting mountain road in some far-flung, exotic location? Well, Red Bull Racing decided to continue their trend of putting Formula 1 cars in ridiculous situations by letting test driver Sebastien Buemi loose on the Tremola Pass in the Swiss Alps in one of the Red Bull Racing F1 cars to have some fun. Earlier this year, they also wrapped the tires in some tire chains and sent Max Verstappen down a ski slope in it!

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