Lap Around the Web – Sept 4th

When most people think about modifying trucks, they don’t usually think of commercial trucks or even car haulers. This, however, is simply too cool to ignore. Say hello to the “Baller Hauler”, designed and created by Miles Shinneman. What started off as an Isuzu NPR box truck has now been converted into a pretty badass car hauler with the help of tons of rat-rod-ish bodywork and a custom articulating ramp to accommodate even the lowest of cars. Power is now provided by a Chevy 6.0-liter Vortec V8 and an onboard 9,000-lb winch helps load just about any car in a snap. This is one of those projects that goes beyond just having a certain look and I’d argue that this build is definitely cooler than the sum of its parts might have you believe. Heck, it’s not even done yet! There’s still more body and paint work to be done as well as swapping out those 22″ semi truck wheels to even more ridiculous 24-inchers. This is one build that is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

Speaking of cool builds done as a labor of love and full of intricate details that 99% of people wouldn’t notice, Speedhunters’ Larry Chen recently had a chance to tour the workshop of one of the world’s foremost Porsche hot-rodders: Rod Emory. In addition to restoring all manner of Porsche 356 variants from 50+ years ago, Rod also builds his own hot-rod 356s using real metal and real metalwork to shape and form the metal into drivable works of art. I don’t want to spoil the story by trying to abbreviate it here so click the link and head on over to Speedhunters to read it yourself and gaze upon some gorgeous vintage Porsches.

Chevy LS swaps are a pretty easy and reliable way to put plenty of power into just about anything, which is probably why they’ve been done to death. If you’re truly an automotive enthusiast, a connoisseur of only the finest vehicles, and have an endless imagination, you can look to the sky use pretty much anything for inspiration for your next project car. And that’s exactly what Jay Leno did with his 1915 Hispano Suiza that he and his team of mechanics and engineers built utilizing an 18.5-liter (!) airplane engine, mated to a transmission from a school bus and a rear end from a garbage truck… Because of course. It’s a recipe for an absolute monster of a car that makes 300 hp and nearly endless gobs of torque. The only question left to answer is whether you feel more like a race car driver or a fighter pilot from behind the wheel!

Hot off the heels of August’s Car Week and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the United Kingdom held their own Concours of Elegance on the grounds of Hampton’s Court Palace where a plethora of gorgeous cars sparkled under the summer sun. Our dapper friends across the pond sure know how to put on a car show and the quality of cars on display was simply jaw-dropping. From pre-war Bentleys and Bugattis to some of the most gorgeous and historic Ferraris and Jaguars, on to more modern Aston Martins and McLarens, there was something for everyone at the Concours of Elegance.

There are very few places I’d rather visit than Porsche’s secret vault of concept and race cars. Even though it’s doubtful I’ll ever be a good enough client of theirs to gain access through legitimate means, I’m glad that Road & Track was able to get in and share what they saw with the rest of us. As you might expect, the space was packed full of some of the most interesting and historic vehicles Porsche has ever built, but perhaps even more interesting, are all the weird concepts that most people have forgotten about, including things like the Panamericana concept above.

I’m a sucker for a fast wagon. For me, it’s the ultimate blend of speed and practicality, able to make a trip to the hardware or grocery store and then blitz home, leaving disappointed Porsches and Corvettes in its wake. And there’s nobody that does fast, under the radar wagons like Mercedes-Benz. Although everyone knows about the special-order-only, 603-hp E63 S AMG wagon, Mercedes-Benz was pumping out ballistic sleeper cars since the 1980s, as evidenced by the ’87 Hammer wagon features in the most recent Petrolicious video. If you don’t fully get the wagon love, watch this and maybe you’ll start to see where I’m coming from.

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